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EVAPCO’s eco-LSWE Closed Circuit Cooler


New from EVAPCO are the eco-LSWE closed circuit coolers with an ellipti-fin coil and CrossCool™ internally enhanced tubes to increase the heat transfer of the coil – improving the unit’s cooling capacity. The units range in capacity from 340 to 16,987 MBH.

The eco-LSWE coolers offer greater capacity in a smaller footprint than traditional bare-tube, forced draft coolers – making them ideal for replacement jobs where additional capacity is needed within tight space constraints. This makes the eco-LSWE ideal for installations where increased capacity is required, but the existing footprint cannot be altered.

The eco-LSWE also offers reduced unit height and total connected horsepower while saving water through significantly increased dry bulb switchover temperatures. The spirally finned elliptical tubes increase both wet and dry capacity, and are the ideal solution for indoor applications, confined layouts, low sound requirements, and direct replacements.

EVAPCO’s eco-LSWE is also independently certified by both the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) and the International Building Code (IBC).


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