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First National Backflow Prevention Day - August 16, 2021

National Backflow Prevention Day

The first National Backflow Prevention Day, to be celebrated August 16, 2021, recognizes the role of backflow prevention and cross-connection control and those who install, maintain, and test backflow preventers.

August 16 holds particular significance: on that day in 1933, a backflow incident occurred at two popular hotels near the Chicago World’s Fair resulting in 98 deaths and 2,000 illnesses. The incident led to the establishment of the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research and to safe plumbing regulations for backflow assemblies.

“Backflow preventers and those who test, install, and maintain them are the unsung heroes of water safety,” said Danielle Swanson, Marketing Manager at Watts. “They often go unnoticed, and yet they play a crucial role in keeping water supplies clean and safe all over the world. This national day reminds us to recognize the importance of the backflow preventer and those involved in water safety.”

All those in the industry are encouraged to mark the day, use the official logo, and use the hashtag #BackflowDay on social media. For more information on National Backflow Prevention Day and how to observe it, go to National Day Archives - National Backflow Prevention Day.


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