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Caleffi Flexibility + Simplicity = Worry-free Operation

PR0915 Caleffi Excellence

Tasked with providing a heating system that would deliver comfortable heat to a community airport hangar while ensuring minimal energy consumption, Will St. Amour of Amour Mechanical Services (Edmonton, Alberta) put pen to paper.

The contractor was intent on providing optimal burner modulation and supply water temperature delivery. A Caleffi 548 Series hydro separator and 5026 Series air vents contributed to the system flexibility and simplicity, designed for worry-free operation. St. Amour entered his eye appealing design into the Caleffi Excellence contest.

As determined by most audience votes received during a recently held Coffee with Caleffi™ webinar, St. Amour has been awarded with the monthly winning entry and will be presented with an iPad™ mini. He is now a contender for the grand prize: a trip to our global headquarters in Italy. In October, the grand prize winner will be chosen from the 12 monthly winners by a panel of industry experts and Caleffi executives.

The contest resumes in January 2016. Visit for future details. CALEFFI – Creating innovative, superior performance products that help customers live comfortably and economically, while softening their impact on the environment.

For more information, visit Caleffi’s Web site, email, or call (414) 238-2360


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