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Fujitsu Introduces 33 SEER Mini Splits with Low Temp Heating

Fujitsu Halcyon System 9 12 15RLS3H 2015

Fujitsu has introduced ductless split systems, offering up to 33 SEER, now the world’s most efficient mini-splits to operate with optimal efficiency at ambient temperatures of -15°F.

The new 9,000 (9RLS3H), 12,000 (12RLS3H) and 15,000 BTU (15RLS3H) inverter systems are available with these capabilities right off the shelf with no modifications needed for low ambient operation.

Fujitsu’s Extra Low Temp Heating (XLTH) models feature a built-in base heater and drainage holes so that condensation doesn’t freeze and can drain out when ambient temps are low.
All RLS3H inverter wall-mount systems are available as split system heat pumps and offer super-quiet operation and nearly full heating capacity down to -15°F ambient and cooling operation down to 14°F. Refrigerant pipe lengths can reach 66 feet between the evaporator coil and the condensing unit.

Standard features include wireless remote control, ion deodorizing filters, sleep timer, 24-hour timer, dry mode, 4-way auto louver and auto mode. Fujitsu’s ESP (energy saving program) is standard on these new Halcyon systems, and conserves energy even when user aren’t paying attention. Motion sensors note when the room has been vacated. After 20 minutes, the set temperature is increased by 4°F when in cooling mode, and reduced by 8°F when heating. When the room is reoccupied, the ESP returns to the previous operating mode.

Fujitsu’s 2015 Halcyon lineup includes 36 single-zone systems with capacity ranges of 9,000 to 42,000 BTUs. Mix-and-match evaporators of the multi-zone systems add tens of thousands more combinations and allow contractors and owners to create the perfect climate control for any size space. For more information, visit


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