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Gigawatt Announces Exclusive Partnership with Ephoca in Michigan and Illinois

A Groundbreaking Technology For Decarbonizing Multifamily Buildings In America 

Gigawatt announces today the exclusive Michigan and Illinois distribution rights to Ephoca’s through-wall heat pumps, the US subsidiary of Italian brand Innova. Ephoca's all-in-one (AIO) through-wall heat pumps are changing the game of energy-efficient heating and cooling by drastically simplifying the installation process and offering a sleek alternative to standard mini-splits. The innovative technology has no outdoor compressor or refrigerant line sets. Ephoca solves the challenge of retrofitting buildings without balconies and opens doors for decarbonizing multifamily apartment units across America.

"Gigawatt’s exclusive rights to Ephoca’s innovations in Illinois and Michigan offers a decarbonization answer to buildings without balconies” says Malo McKay, Head of Gigawatt’s Business Development. "There's a growing trend in building design to use sleek, modern, energy-efficient solutions to solve both aesthetic concerns and space constraints. Ephoca’s cutting-edge through-wall heat pumps are the answer.”

“At the heart of Ephoca's mission is a commitment to delivering climate comfort solutions that are as sustainable as they are effective,” says Jeff Ishakis, General Manager of US Sales. "We are at the forefront of through-wall technology, these units have been popular in Europe for over a decade. Our goal is to enhance environments through products that are both energy-efficient and high-performing.”

“The mission to integrate these state-of-the-art systems demonstrates our joint commitment to providing modern, comfortable, and sustainable living spaces for tenants and the global shift towards decarbonization,” says Belinda Gilbey, co-founder of Gigawatt.


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