Grundfos Introduces TPE3 In-Line Pump for Commercial Buildings


With State-of-the-Art Technologies to Boost System-Wide Performance

Designed to significantly advance pumping systems for commercial buildings, Grundfos has introduced a state-of-the-art TPE3 in-line pump that features best-in-class technologies that deliver greater efficiency for heating and cooling applications. The newest addition to Grundfos’ portfolio of intelligent pumping solutions, the TPE3 showcases a Permanent Magnet Motor, leading-edge hydraulic efficiencies, a series of advanced control modes, multi-pump functionality, and easy install, monitoring and commissioning that boost system efficiency and deliver overall greater heating and cooling performance.

Balanced systems without balancing valves

The TPE3 is more than a pump: Grundfos’ Flow Limiting Function eliminates the need for a pump balancing valve and thereby reduces the pressure loss. This improves the overall performance of the system and reduces initial costs. Moreover, it features a built-in heat energy meter that can monitor heat energy distribution and consumption, preventing excessive energy bills caused by system imbalances.

Integrated ΔT control

With the TPE3, the ΔT is never too high or too low. TPE3’s integrated ΔT control cuts down on the costs of a differential temperature sensor, as it can operate based on the measured difference between flow temperature and return temperature. This is done via the built-in sensor and connecting one external sensor directly to the TPE3, which allows the pump to take charge of the system’s need for flow based on differential temperature.

Optimized applications

The TPE3 is an all-round in-line pump that can be used in all heating, cooling and district energy systems. In some applications, the TPE3 makes an especially significant difference in terms of comfort and system efficiency – examples include:

Increased boiler protection

Use in non-condensing boiler systems results in increased boiler protection and reduced operation costs. Combine the TPE3 with an external temperature sensor that measures the return water temperature. By adapting the flow in the by-pass line, the pump is in charge of the water temperature entering the boiler, which ensures that the right temperature is maintained at all times.

Increased system efficiency in single-pipe heating systems

The TPE3 is useful in one-string heating systems, increasing system efficiency. In single string systems, the design is typically made with constant flow. The result is increased return temperatures from the system in low load situations. A TPE3 pump solves this problem and ensures that ΔT is maintained as originally intended.

For domestic applications: Hot water guarantee without the energy waste

In domestic hot water applications, instant hot water is required when the tap is opened. Traditionally, a throttled constant speed pump runs around the clock every day to ensure this, wasting significant amounts of energy. The TPE3 has a temperature control mode – based on the signal from either its own internal temperature sensor or an external sensor, the pump will continuously maintain the desired temperature of the water.

Multi-pump functionality

Wireless technology enables the TPE3 to connect with up to four single TPE3 pumps – they can be controlled jointly in either cascade mode, alternating mode or duty/standby without the need for any other pump controller unit.

Built for easy monitoring, installation and commissioning

With many configurable relays and analog inputs, the complete TPE3 I/O package allows for better system monitoring and optimal pump regulation. It also comes packed with functionalities that allow for easy installation and commissioning via the pump display, including the possibility of connecting to Grundfos GO for intuitive handheld pump control and full access to Grundfos online tools.


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