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High-Efficiency ClearFire® Horizonal Steam Boiler Now Available to 80 HP


Cleaver-Brooks announces that it has expanded the capacity of its compact, gas-fired horizontal steam boiler to 80 HP. The ClearFire®-H, designed for both heating and process steam solutions, is now available in sizes ranging from 10 – 80 horsepower for 15 or 150 psig design steam pressure.

The ClearFire-H produces 99% or better dry quality steam without a separator. It achieves the highest operational efficiency of any boiler in its class, now available with10:1 turndown. The It achieves 85% efficiency (low pressure steam), and up to 87% efficiency with its space-saving integral economizer package.

Cleaver-Brooks engineered the ClearFire-H steam boiler with its proprietary AluFer® tubes that extend the heating surface to provide maximum heat transfer for superior performance in a compact package. The self-regulating premix burner with ECM blower automatically adjusts the air/gas mixture without the use of additional controls for optimum combustion performance and precise load matching. The 10:1 turndown modulating burner eliminates excessive cycling under light load conditions.

The ClearFire-H comes standard with the Falcon touchscreen boiler control that provides an intuitive operator interface featuring integrated boiler sequencing, flame safety, PID modulation, English-text alarms, and diagnostics to ensure safety and reliability. The Falcon control with integrated lead/lag optimizes multiple-boiler system operational efficiency and delivers precise steam load control to meet heating and process demands. The control can be easily integrated into an existing building management system.

The ClearFire-H features a sustainable design with the lowest overall energy use and emissions. Its ECM variable speed blower ensures reduced electrical energy consumption. The CFH can meet emission regulations as low as <9 ppm NOx and <10 ppm CO.

“The compact footprint of the ClearFire-H is similar to many vertical steam boilers on the market today,” said Brian Huibregtse, Packaged Solutions Sales Manager, Packaged Boiler Systems at Cleaver-Brooks. “The horizontal arrangement offers more steam volume and disengagement area delivering guaranteed 99% dry steam quality without the need for a steam separator. Another significant advantage of the horizontal design is that the burner and fireside are much easier to service and maintain.”

An added benefit of the ClearFire-H is its ultra-quiet operation. The boiler operates at less than 70 dBA.

“The ClearFire-H is often the quietest piece of equipment in the mechanical room,” added Huibregtse.

The skid package for the ClearFire-H provides a complete “plug & play” steam system solution. The pre-engineered package includes the steam boiler, feed system, blowdown separator, and water treatment equipment. Multiple boiler skid systems are available to meet larger capacities.

Cleaver-Brooks has a dedicated alliance of factory-trained representatives who can be contacted for consultation, sales, service and aftermarket support. To locate a representative, visit or call (800) 250-5883.


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