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Hyper Engineering announces upgrade to SureStart soft starter

Hyper SureStart SinglePhase

Hyper Engineering, a designer and manufacturer of single phase and three phase electronic software-driven soft starters, announces an upgrade to its SureStart single phase soft starter.

The SureStart single phase product upgrade includes diagnostic features as well as an updated housing for easier installation. These changes include the following:

  • Upgraded terminal block that now uses standard flat-blade screws for better lead connection 
  • Software upgrade for enhanced starting capabilities in unsteady voltage conditions 
  • LED port-hole to display unit fault for easy troubleshooting
  • Cover modification for better access to internal wiring lead terminals

The SureStart single phase soft starter has been developed specifically to soft start large single-phase compressors and motors. It provides a dramatic reduction in the starting current, but still provides full-start torque. It will automatically adjust itself to cover the range of 1.75 to 7 hp. It is fully self-contained in a conveniently small, double-insulated and flame-retardant enclosure.

A soft start device provides other benefits in addition to reducing inrush current and torque. It can reduce or completely eliminate the noise and light flicker associated with the startup of the compressor. Other sensitive electronic equipment also benefit from the minimizing of supply voltage drop experienced during compressor startup. Because of the dramatic reduction in startup current, it also becomes much easier and sometimes less expensive to match the air conditioner or heat pump with “off grid” power sources, such as generators, solar panels and windmills.

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