IAPMO Green Plumbers and QWEL to Collaborate on Training and Certification Program

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Recognizing a need for local stakeholders with limited resources to deploy training programs to workers with similarly limited resources and time, IAPMO Green Plumbers Training and Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL)® are collaborating to provide turnkey water use efficiency
training to these urban water-related tradespeople to learn to use water more wisely.

The leading training programs in their respective fields of plumbing and landscaping, IAPMO Green PlumbersTraining and QWEL believe that centralized administration of curriculum and program maintenance, coupled with local promotion and delivery, provides a more cost effective platform for increasing the water efficiency expertise of a community’s water related tradespeople.

“The QWEL program is high quality and accomplishes for the landscaping industry the same benefits Green Plumbers provide for the plumbing industry,” said Sonoma County Water Agency Principal Programs Specialist Carrie Pollard. “Together we can deliver nationally recognized certification programs cost effectively, while maintaining the traditional distinction between the trades.”

The collaboration will be jointly promoted in Booth 214 at the annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exhibits, Oct. 8-10, at the South Pointe Hotel in Las Vegas.

“WaterSmart Innovations is a tremendous gathering of water industry professionals committed to improving water efficiency,” said IAPMO Senior Vice President of Environmental Education Steve Lehtonen. “The conference provides a great opportunity to showcase our programs and seek local certification partners.”

IAPMO Green Plumbers has trained more than 9,000 plumbers in excess of 300 classes throughout the United States and Canada, and has been a WaterSense® promotional partner since 2008. QWEL has trained more than 900 landscaping professionals in a few short years and boasts 12 sub-certifying organizations located in five states. QWEL is a WaterSense Professional Certification Program.

Too see all the benefits of IAPMO Green Plumbers and QWEL certification or any other information on the program, direct your web browser to www.gpqwel.org or contact Lehtonen at (909) 218-8111 or [email protected].


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