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Infinitum Announces Next Gen EC Motor for Data Center Cooling Applications at AHR Expo 2023

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Infinitum, creator of the breakthrough air core motor, announced at the AHR Expo a next-generation, sustainable motor designed specifically for data center cooling applications. The new motor system extends Infinitum’s award-winning Aircore EC line of motors and meets the unique needs of data centers to reduce power requirements and energy consumption.

Data centers currently consume two percent of the world’s energy and their energy demand is expected to increase eightfold by 2030. Forty percent of the energy consumed in data centers is from motors powering cooling equipment, such as fans, pumps, and compressors to reduce heat generated by servers. Many of the fan systems used to cool data centers today use motors that have more horsepower than the application requires.

Infinitum’s Aircore EC motor for data centers can be customized to meet the application’s specific horsepower, speed and torque requirements, while still achieving performance targets to reduce energy consumption by more than 10-15 percent. It also means the input current required by the motor can be minimized, opening a significant opportunity to reduce the wiring and protection equipment needs of the electric utility that powers the data center, allowing data center designers to save costs on upstream electrical infrastructure including wiring, circuit breakers and transformers.

Infinitum’s new Aircore EC motor for data centers features an integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) to optimize motor control and efficiency, as well as smart features, such as IoT connectivity to monitor critical equipment and BACnet and Modbus controllers to optimize building operations. The new Aircore EC motor system for data center applications will be available beginning in Q3 of 2023.

Aircore EC motors are 50 percent smaller and lighter, more efficient, significantly quieter and use 66 percent less copper than traditional motors. Infinitum designs and manufactures Aircore EC motors with a sustainable, circular lifecycle in mind. Modular design allows the housing, rotors, and stators to be reused multiple times, giving parts a second and third life to serve future generations.

“Data centers are growing in size and energy intensity as the world’s demand for data grows exponentially,” said Blake Griffin, senior market analyst, Interact Analysis. “Infinitum’s smaller, lighter, high-efficiency motor systems are a key technology for reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.”

“We’re excited to bring our class-leading, sustainable Aircore EC motors to the data center world and give data center operators the opportunity to reduce energy demand and costs,” said Ben Schuler, founder and CEO of Infinitum. “When thousands of motors are often required to power data centers, our improved motor efficiency, reduced noise levels and smart features for visibility and building optimization add up to make a big impact for this sector.”


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