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Infinitum Announces Strategic Technology Collaboration with Infineon at AHR Expo 2023


Today at the AHR Expo, Infinitum announced a strategic technology collaboration with Infineon Technologies, a global semiconductor leader in power systems and IoT that drives decarbonization and digitalization with its products and solutions. Infinitum is the creator of the breakthrough, sustainable air core motor, and this collaboration solidifies Infinitum’s production of sustainable, high-efficiency motors that reduce carbon footprint using Infineon’s solutions.

Infinitum’s motor systems were recognized with three 2023 CES Innovation Award designations for outstanding design and engineering in the sustainability and embedded technologies categories. Infinitum’s patented air-core motor design replaces heavy iron used in traditional motors with a lightweight, printed circuit board (PCB).

The company’s motors are 50 percent smaller and lighter, 10 percent more efficient and use 66 percent less copper than traditional motors. They are also designed and manufactured with a sustainable, circular lifecycle where the motor’s modular architecture allows the housing, rotors, and stators to be reused multiple times, giving parts a second and third life to serve future generations.

Infinitum’s motor systems include an integrated, variable frequency drive (VFD) made using silicon carbide and other embedded technologies that result in precise motor control, optimal power and energy savings.

Infineon is a leading provider of silicon carbide (SiC) chips, with its first SiC chip introduced over 20 years ago. SiC brings power switching of voltages at 650 V and above for a variety of applications to operate at high temperatures and in harsh environments. Infineon’s CoolSiC™ semiconductors also offer added value to the customers like Infinitum providing better efficiency, size and cost compared to silicon-based solutions.

"Infinitum's ground-breaking motor controls and hardware enable next-generation solutions in industrial applications for some of the most rigorous environments," said Michael Williams, Director of Product Marketing, Industrial Power Control Division, Infineon Technologies. “Infineon's CoolSiC technology and motor control expertise help Infinitum achieve improvements in energy efficiency and controllability over standard induction motors. We look forward to a long-term collaboration with Infinitum to bring next-generation energy-efficient motor controls to market with silicon carbide and other advanced materials."

“Infineon is a primary provider of SiC MOSFETS and other key semiconductor components that greatly contribute to our motor’s class leading efficiency,” said Rick Tewell, president of Infinitum. “We’re honored to have Infineon’s support as we accelerate and scale production of our motors that can power the world with greater efficiency and less waste.”


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