Intellihot To Power Its Tankless Hot Water Heaters With NASA's Combustion Technology


Exclusive Agreement Brings NASA Burner Technology to Intellihot’s Entire Product Line

Today from AHR Expo 2019, Intellihot Inc., a clean technology, IoT company which manufacturers commercial tankless water heaters used by some of the world’s largest hotels, multi-family residential buildings, stadiums and medical facilities, today announced that it has signed an exclusive commercial license with NASA. The agreement enables Intellihot to power its current and future products with combustion technology developed by NASA.

Intellihot will be showcasing its tankless water heater systems and its remote monitoring, predictive analytics service, at booth #B760, at the AHR Expo, the HVACR industry’s event of the year, in Atlanta from January 14-16.

The commercial patent license will allow Intellihot to deploy NASA's novel combustion burner technology (U.S. Patent 8,197,249 titled “Fully Premixed Low Emission, High Pressure Multi- Fuel Burner”) into its entire product line. Intellihot’s tankless systems provide endless hot water only when needed, eliminate waste and environmental impact and cut down greenhouse emissions by over 40 percent.

Developed by NASA, the fully premix burner design offers increased control and stability with better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. NASA currently uses the technology to simultaneously measure combustion product concentrations and temperature in its High Pressure Gaseous Burner Facility, a laboratory that develops and evaluates advanced engines for future aircraft. The technology has benefited the field of aerospace by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improved safety by eliminating flame flashback.

“At Intellihot, we’re always striving for endless progress and innovative ways to eliminate waste,” said Sri Deivasigamani, CEO of Intellihot. “We are delighted to deploy NASA’s technology into our current and future energy products to make our world even more efficient and sustainable.”


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