Introducing Beckett Online Training

beckett online training

Now you can get the same informative and technical training curriculum from the heating industry's leading experts ONLINE, LIVE, ON-DEMAND, and FREE.

Even in the midst of social distancing, your work and education as a heating technician is essential to providing comfort and security in homes across the nation. That's why we're offering our popular training courses and materials online for your safety and convenience. Taught by our in-house experts Jim Todd and Jeff Rozga, our courses will be available both live and on-demand.

If you choose to participate in the live webinars, we are keeping them highly focused and within a 30 minute timeframe. The webinars will be followed by a live Q&A session with one of our presenters. It’s a great way to learn and have access to industry-leading knowledge at your fingertips.

In addition to the online training courses now offered, you also have access to additional educational video resources as well. They are a great resource for you to learn about various Beckett products — at your own pace and when you have the time. And if you have questions about any of the video content presented, you can submit a question with the click of a button and send us a note... we're always here to help.

Please go to to learn more and register for your session today!


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