Introducing the New SteamMax Gas-Fired Steam Boiler

SteamMax Boiler

We are proud to announce the release of SteamMax; a new benchmark for longevity, efficiency, and flexibility in cast iron, gas-fired, steam boilers.

The all-new SteamMax boiler is offered as a solution to the widely-recognized simultaneous challenges presented by poor water quality and steam boiler design necessitated by efficiency standards. The new boiler has been specifically designed and built to overcome these issues.

A completely new, steam-specific cast iron heat exchanger design provides robust corrosion resistance in a wide variety of water conditions, along with an efficiency rating of 82% AFUE. The heat exchanger includes a larger steam chest with an increased steam disengaging area, a highly stable water line, and wider internal pathways. Heat transfer pins above the water line, a common problem area, have been removed and added below the water line. Cast iron sections are joined via leak-free metal push nipples instead of gaskets. Additionally, the boiler’s steam risers are placed on intermediate sections to promote smooth steam flow. The result of all these improvements is greater corrosion resistance in critical areas without sacrificing heat transfer or efficiency.

The SteamMax has also been designed for installation simplicity. Pre-cut, near-boiler piping kits are available for residential models between 75 and 250 MBH. Its rear, low-profile draft diverter increases overhead clearance, while tappings on both ends provides piping flexibility. An additional tapping (1.25”) is incorporated on the heat exchanger for the addition of an indirect tank or hydronic zone.

Available in 12 sizes ranging from 75 MBH (169 sq. ft.) to 550 MBH (1,396 sq. ft.), the SteamMax boiler is covered by an unmatched, 10-year waterside corrosion warranty (residential applications under 300 MBH).

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