Mark Olson Retires as Caleffi CEO; Tina Gullickson Named Successor

Caleffi Olson and Gullickson

Caleffi North America announces the retirement of long-serving CEO, Mark Olson. Olson was instrumental in guiding the company through nearly two decades of continuous growth to establish a successful North American business highly regarded for innovation, education and service.

Said Olson, “One doesn't fully realize what’s accomplished until they take a long pause and reflect back. Yes, we created a successful enterprise. But if there is a singular accomplishment I take most pride in, it's not the dollars, units or products, it’s the fun family culture. Caleffi employees are disciplined and passionate about what they do. They really care for one another. I love this company!"

Tina Gullickson succeeds Olson. She brings over 20 years of experience in the plumbing and hydronic industries. Gullickson has had several leadership positions and provides a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise.

“Joining as Caleffi North America's new CEO is both an honor and a privilege. Caleffi is a company with a compelling vision. Our commitment to innovation and quality is what makes us best in class. I am excited to lead a team that values and nurtures individual talents while prioritizing teamwork. The key to our success lies in the combination of hard work, perseverance, continuous learning, and a genuine passion for our work,“ added Gullickson.


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