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MLE Permanent Magnet (ECM) integrated VFD/motor in Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ

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Grundfos is releasing the new MLE (integrated VFD/motor) for Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ systems beginning May 1. The motors include Permanent Magnet (ECM) motor technology and covers 1 thru 15HP in 3x460-480V and up to 2HP in 1x200-240V.

The new MLE motors exceed IE5 motor efficiency standards, set by the International Electrotechnical Commission, currently the highest efficiency level worldwide for electrical motors. Premium efficient motors are equal to IE3 level, so these motors represent two levels above NEMA Premium Efficiency.

  • Highest motor efficiency and combined motor and VFD efficiency level in the industry
  • Increased combined VFD and motor efficiency results in an additional 7-10 percent decrease in energy consumption over NEMA Premium Efficiency motors and conventional variable frequency drives

Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ systems use advanced controls that make it possible to save energy with functionality to stop pumps during low flow and run in a more economical mode, stage pumps on when it is more efficient, and lower setpoint pressure at lower flows when pipe friction loss is less. In typical domestic water pressure boosting applications, this can save 20-30 percent compared to competitor’s systems. This and the new motor result in potential 40 percent energy savings over the competition, and makes the Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ the most efficient pumping system in the industry.

Future announcements regarding the integration of the MLE Permanent Magnet (ECM) motor into other Grundfos products are forthcoming.


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