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Neutra-Safe® Offers System Feeder, Vertical Neutralizer


Neutrasafe Corp., in Rockland, MA, now offers an automatic hydronic and thermal solar system feeder, in addition to their newly-expanded line of condensate neutralizers. 

The System Feeder introduces fluid and accurately maintains pressure in closed-loop systems.  The easily-installed unit is designed for use with water or glycol solutions of up to 50 percent.  A digital pressure control allows individually adjustable cut-in and cut-out pressures points between 1 and 50 PSI, with a secondary pressure switch cut-out at 60 PSI.

The System Feeder’s six-gallon tank is equipped with a set of dry contacts to connect to a remote alarm if the fluid level gets too low, and can be used with a standard 115VAC outlet.  Because it features a commercial-grade diaphragm pump with internal check valve, it eliminates need for a PRV and backflow preventer.  The System Feeder also limits the amount of fluid that can be lost in the event of a major break.

Neutrasafe now also offers vertical condensate neutralizers.  The tube-type neutralizers provide all the benefits of their standard 2-inch models for applications where a horizontal configuration isn’t ideal.  Two vertical models serve high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances up to 220 MBH, and feature a stainless screen and media-filled sack for simple recharging.  The media-sack recharge kits, which can be used in all 2-inch Neutra-Safe® neutralizers allow for an easier recharge process.  

All Neutra-Safe® products are designed by a Master Plumber with more than 30 years in the industry, and are built in the U.S.


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