NIBCO Adds to its Line of Hydronic Heating Fittings

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NIBCO INC. is proud to announce that it has filled out its line of hydronic heating press-connect fittings, including two types of elbows and a fin tube stiffener. The additions include forged bronze vent elbows, a wrot copper extended elbow and a wrot copper fin tube stiffener. All of the products are lead-free.

The PC-705-D forged bronze Press x Press 90° vent elbows are available in ½-inch and ¾-inch sizes. The vent elbows have been specifically designed for use in hydronic heat applications. They comply with the performance standards of ASME B16.51 and are third-party certified to UPC and PS-117. The elbows have an operating pressure 200 PSI and a temperature range -20°F to 250°F.

The PC607E-2 wrot copper 6-inch extended elbow comes in a ¾-inch Fitting x Press connection on a 90° elbow. The extended elbow has been specifically designed for use in heating applications to provide a clean transition through the floor or wall. The elbows have an operating pressure 200 PSI and a temperature range -20°F to 250°F.

The extended elbow is third-party certified to ASME B16.51, UPC and PS-117.

The wrot copper ¾-inch fin tube stiffener ensures secure connections with the extended elbow.

The NIBCO leak detection system identifies uncrimped connections during system testing. When properly crimped a unique "N" witness mark is clearly visible. The NIBCO® Press System® includes a complete line of fittings, valves, accessories and pressing tools.

Our copper press fittings, including our new extended elbow and fin tube stiffener, are proudly manufactured in our Stuarts Draft, Virginia, facility from 100% North American pure copper. NIBCO has been manufacturing metal plumbing fittings in the United States since 1927.


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