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Noritz Unveils Unprecedented 25-Year Warranty on Four Residential Tankless Water Heater Models


Extended protection, an industry first, applies to the EZTR50, EZTR75, EZ98, and EZ111 models, all specially engineered to streamline tankless-for-tank projects by reducing installation time and costs. 

In an unprecedented first for the tankless water heater industry worldwide, Noritz America has announced it will offer a 25-year warranty on the dual stainless-steel heat exchangers used by four of its residential condensing models. Effective Jan. 1, this new warranty is a full decade longer than the longest warranty currently on the market in North America and more than double Noritz’s previous warranty on these four products.

The 25-year warranty will apply to single-family home applications using any of four models in Noritz’s EZ Series of residential condensing tankless water heaters, first unveiled in April 2017: EZTR50, EZTR75, EZ98, and EZ111. All have a Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) of 0.96, and all are specially engineered for tank-replacement applications.

In addition to being offered separately for indoor or outdoor installation, these new units are available in their own “EZTR Bundle” packages that include materials and accessories for direct indoor replacement of 50- and 75-gallon, tank-type water heaters.

“Noritz has always believed that our products offer contractors and their customers the very best quality in the tankless water heater industry, and now we are backing up that belief with this new warranty,” comments president and chief operating officer Jay Hassel.


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