NORTEK GLOBAL HVAC Introduces the W-Series Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment

A W Series by Nortek with the Gibson Brand

Nortek Global HVAC, a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment, introduces the W-Series of air conditioning and heat pump equipment for residential and light commercial applications.

The introduction completes the final phase of an overall redesign of Gibson®, NuTone® and Frigidaire® branded 1.5 to 5-ton, single-phase air conditioning units and heat pumps. The redesign began with introductions of the premium F-Series in 2017, the mid-range E-Series in 2018 and now culminates with the economically-priced W-Series in 2019. The redesign offers contractors a “good-better-best” strategy that accommodates any consumer price range and feature requests backed by Nortek’s renowned reliability and contractor technical and marketing support.

The W-Series’ air conditioning (WSA) is available in 13, 14 and 16-SEER models and the heat pump (WSH) in 14 and 16-SEER models. Standard features include Copeland scroll compressors and a liquid line filter-drier for field installation in an accessible position to facilitate easy periodic change-outs.

Featured aesthetic and functional additions include a coil-protecting wire guard that adds cabinet structural integrity and holds a plastic mesh in place to safeguard against hail and accidental contact damage. The wire guard is secured by the top and three corner screws to promote quiet operation and easy disassembly for coil cleaning access. The W-Series’ anti-corrosive polymer drain pan also includes more drainage holes to eliminate potential standing water.

In keeping with past product enhancements launched in early 2019, the W-Series will include charging chart access for an easy and accurate refrigerant charge. Nortek’s proprietary charge assist tool,, can be accessed conventionally, or by scanning a weather-proof quick response (QR) code called “Charge Me” affixed on the unit’s exterior cabinet above the refrigerant access port. The tool helps account for sub-cooling, fixed orifices, thermostatic expansion valves (TXV), ambient temperature at time of charging, lineset length and other variables.

The W-Series, as does the F-Series and E-Series, also features a barcode on the interior control panel to scan and access all the particular unit’s Nortek website documents.

Other W-Series features include:

  • Mammoth® branded three-phase air conditioning units available in three, four and five-ton models;
  • Options include a low ambient temperature control kit for operating in lower outdoor temperatures, low pressure controls and a cantilever mount kit for securing the condenser to a foundation fastened platform;
  • ETL Listed and tested under standard AHRI 210/240 Unitary Air Conditioning and Air Source Heat Pump Equipment;
  • Warranty is three-year for parts and 10-years if registered;
  • and available through most Nortek wholesale HVAC distributors.

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