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Nortek Introduces E7, the Manufactured Housing Industry’s First 16-Speed, FER-Compliant Electric Furnace

A E7EM by Nortek Global HVAC

Nortek Global HVAC, the industry leader in manufactured and modular housing HVAC systems, introduces the model E7, the next generation of its legendary E-Series electric furnaces for the Intertherm®, Miller®, Revolv® and Broan® brands. The E7 is the HVAC industry’s first 16-speed model that’s compliant with both the Department of Energy’s (DOE) new fan energy rating (FER) and HUD standards for manufactured and modular housing.

The E7 features a 1/2-hp. electronically-commutated motor (ECM) fan and a control board that facilitates the 16 speeds. The multiple speeds give HVAC contractors more flexibility for pinpointing homeowners’ air comfort, versus the previous E6 and E5 generations’ permanent split capacitor (PSC) fan motors and four speeds.

The control board’s seven-segment-style readout screen expedites troubleshooting by displaying operational modes of cooling, heating, fan circulation, dehumidification, motor fault, lockout and idle.

The E7 offers unprecedented heat control using DC relays, which operate reliably, quietly and significantly reduce service troubleshooting time, versus older contactor and sequencer technologies.

The new generation is available in a 29-inch high (736-mm) E7EM heat-only base unit, or 60-inch-high (1,524-mm) E7EU upflow and E7ED downflow models, the latter two come with a coil box for field-installing the optional evaporator coil and accompanying filter. All three models offer 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 or 23-kW heating elements. All E7 models have a 20 (w) x 24 (d)-inch (508 x 609-mm) footprint that’s identical to earlier E generation models, making them easy drop-in replacement candidates.

Other serviceability features includes a single two-pole DC relay, which expedites circuit testing versus two single-pole relays. Also, instead of just conventional black and red circuit wiring, each circuit is now identified by its respective black, red, yellow or purple wiring for fast traceability and diagnostics.

Aesthetically, the E7 comes with a baked enamel white finish and an appliance-quality access door.

Other E7 features and benefits are:

  • FER compliance with ECM fan technology delivers energy savings of up to 46-percent versus previous permanent split capacitor (PSC) fan technology, according DOE research;
  • Air conditioning-ready (up to 4 tons) with optional air handler/evaporator coil;
  • A user-friendly calculation chart that combines CFMs and static pressure readings to help contractors dial-in the appropriate fan speed for the manufactured house’s size and homeowner’s optimum air comfort level;
  • Staged heating that activates each heating element sequentially after three-second delays to prevent excessive in-rush current disadvantages;
  • ECM torque control for maintaining consistent blower airflow performance regardless of static pressure changes;
  • After 10 motor faults within an hour, control board locks the furnace from operating to prevent damage to internal components;
  • Factory test procedures include powering the blower and measuring amp draw across each circuit to ensure the right kW capacity and motor are installed;
  • Tested and approved to the UL 1995 safety standard;
  • Model E7EM (multi-position) is perfect retrofit for older E-Series units because it can match the previous kW specifications, but draw less amperage;
  • Warranty is one year.

Nortek Global HVAC, which was the industry’s first Demand Flow Technology (DFT)-certified company in 1998, manufactures the E7 with the industry’s leading turnaround time rate where distributor orders can begin production in just one day. DFT also results in unprecedented quality control assurance for dealers and consumers, because E model products are inspected more than 200 times during the manufacturing process.

Since invented in the 1980s, the E-Series has been the manufactured and modular housing industry’s largest selling series of HVAC systems.

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