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PassiveLogic Announces Three Industry Firsts That Enable Autonomy for the Whole Building Lifecycle

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PassiveLogic, creators of the first platform for generalized autonomy, is demonstrating new products for the AHR Expo audience in Atlanta this week. The ecosystem of hardware and software products enable anyone to generate an autonomous control system for any controls application. One of the most overlooked opportunities for advanced control is buildings. The company’s complete reinvention of control technology enables the inherent complexity of buildings to be autonomously managed at scale for the first time.

Full autonomy is the endpoint for all industries, not just vehicles. Autonomy is how we will achieve optimization of our buildings, processes, and industrial systems. This optimization is the key enabler of meeting ESG objectives. In the buildings sector, which consumes 40% of global energy, autonomous controls can save 30% or more.

PassiveLogic’s ecosystem of products brings autonomy to any application. The company is announcing three industry firsts that support their mission to empower people through generalized autonomy to solve the world’s largest climate challenges:

  1. The first platform for generalized autonomy. PassiveLogic’s Quantum Engine technology delivers physics-informed predictive control that maintains optimal performance for controlled systems. This engine is designed to perform optimization of any application across industries. Autonomy takes buildings beyond the basic connectivity of “smart” solutions, leading to increased energy efficiency across the sector.
  2. The first digital twin standard for autonomous systems: Quantum. Powered by Quantum, the PassiveLogic platform generates controllable digital twins that emulate precisely what's happening in the real world, generating edge-based, real-time control. Quantum’s physics-based ontology is the foundation for AI-embedded controls.
  3. The first end-to-end ecosystem built on digital twins. Built entirely on top of Quantum, PassiveLogic’s advanced yet easy-to-pick-up hardware and software solutions are created for installers. The ecosystem provides the ultimate toolkit for autonomous and coordinated building control systems, supporting building professionals through the entire workflow to deliver optimized performance to every stakeholder.

Quantum is the foundation technology that enables anyone to implement a practical and useful digital twin strategy across their operations. Quantum is the only data standard to capture the existential purpose of things, answering fundamental questions like What is my role? What am I connected to? and What are my physics? With Quantum, a user can build up a complete physics- based digital twin of a whole system. These digital twins are used by the PassiveLogic ecosystem of products to generate designs and controls, simulate possible futures, automatically commission systems, and optimize operation.

At AHR 2023, PassiveLogic is providing an exclusive product preview of its ecosystem of tools for press and expo attendees in advance of product announcements later this year. Product engineers, rather than a sales team, will be demonstrating technology and workflows and learning from the AHR community. User-focused product design is core to the company’s values and process.

“I am excited to engage with the AHR community this year and demonstrate how we are adding to the PassiveLogic ecosystem, empowering all stakeholders with practical tools for complete autonomy,” says Troy Harvey, CEO of PassiveLogic. “Innovation is in our DNA. Our purpose is to bring fundamental technologies to the market that make true autonomy possible. We are inspired by our customers and look forward to learning from them about all the applications where they plan to deploy PassiveLogic tools.”

With the announcement of these three firsts and the chance to engage directly with industry professionals while demonstrating products, PassiveLogic plans to collaborate on new applications and use cases for autonomous controls and digital twins.

Later this year, PassiveLogic will be announcing new products that are part of its ecosystem.


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