Pre-Engineered Boiler Skid Systems Add Value, Ensure System Reliability

skid mounted boiler

Facilities today seek reliability, safety and sustainability in their capital equipment purchases. One way Cleaver-Brooks is meeting this need is by offering a complete line of pre-engineered skid-mounted boiler solutions, pre-piped and ready for start-up.

“We know that a skid-mounted system in one size cannot meet every need,” said Sean Lobdell, director of sales for Packaged Boiler at Cleaver-Brooks. “That is why we have engineered and designed our skid-mounted solutions to be adaptable, even though they are pre-engineered and assembled to provide the lowest cost of installation and ownership.”

For every skid system, Cleaver-Brooks utilizes 3-D modeling to ensure a space-saving layout while maintaining serviceability, optimal performance and customer satisfaction. In addition, every Cleaver-Brooks boiler system is fully tested at the factory to ensure efficient and reliable operation in the field.

Pre-engineered skid systems save installation time. “If a facility engages a mechanical contractor to assemble the skid, they have to wait for the boiler components to arrive before installation can get underway,” added Lobdell. “Our system is pre-piped and pre-wired, so a facility can be operational weeks faster.”

Cleaver-Brooks offers pre-engineered hydronic skid solutions for gas-fired, condensing boiler systems ranging in size from 500 to 12,000 MBH capacity using the ClearFire-CE model. Custom hot water boiler skids are available in a wide range of capacities to meet other system needs. Up to six boilers can be combined in a pre-engineered system, and additional boilers can be added as a custom-engineered solution.

Cleaver-Brooks also offers skid systems for its broad range of electric, firetube and flexible watertube boilers.

Every Cleaver-Brooks pre-engineered skid system includes the boiler, system pumps, air separator and expansion tank. Optional items include a chemical pot feeder and glycol fill station. Accessories only skids are also available for maximum design and installation flexibility. Cleaver-Brooks has a dedicated alliance of factory-trained representatives who can be contacted for consultation, sales, maintenance and aftermarket support. To locate a representative, visit or call (800) 250-5883.


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