Prepackaged Dosing Systems from Grundfos Offer Accuracy, Customizability

Grundfos DosingSkidSystem DSS

The Grundfos Dosing Skid System (DSS) is a pre-engineered floor or panel dosing system package that offers integrated controls and one-, two- or three-pump configurations designed to accurately meter liquid chemicals for a variety of water supply/treatment systems, as well as industrial and manufacturing applications.

Grundfos DSS use an intelligent drive and microprocessor controller to ensure that each dose is performed precisely and with low pulsation, even with chemicals of high-viscosity or off-gassing properties.

Packaged skid systems are available for all models of Grundfos hydraulically- and mechanically-actuated metering pumps including SMART Digital Dosing pumps with stepper motor technology offering up to 3000:1 flow turndown.

These dosing systems accommodate a broad scope of chemicals including sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulfite, alum, potassium permanganate, sodium hydroxide, acids and anti-scalants.

Standard DSS ship in five days and custom, engineered-to-order DSS ship in two to four weeks.

NOTE: Product is available throughout North America.


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