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Pulte Chooses Rinnai Tankless Water Heater for Zero Net Energy Home Prototype

Pulte ZNE Home Front Exterior Rinnai

Rinnai to provide Ultra Series Tankless RUR model with new wireless connectivity for project that demonstrates how California can reach its goal of all new residential builds attaining a zero net energy status by 2020.

When PulteGroup set out to build a zero net energy (ZNE) home prototype in Northern California, it chose to leverage only the latest in sustainable products, including Rinnai’s Ultra Series RUR98i Tankless Water Heater that features a breakthrough in recirculation technology and Rinnai’s Wi-Fi module, app and wireless push buttons - an exclusive first showing of Rinnai’s wireless connectivity. Utilizing energy-efficient products and building materials to produce as much energy as it consumes, the project demonstrates how California can build new homes to have a zero net energy status by 2020 to meet the requirements set in 2008 by the California Public Utilities Commission in its Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. Pulte chose Rinnai’s RUR98i with Wi-Fi connectivity for its energy-efficient design that is compliant with Title 24, a buildings standards code that sets a high bar for water conservation in California.

“Rinnai is always seeking new ways to partner with companies that act as trailblazers for the next generation of innovation,” said Aaron Baugh, National Builder Sales Manager at Rinnai America Corporation, the number-one selling brand of tankless water heaters in the United States and Canada. “This new ZNE build is an opportunity to involve our bold products with today’s current residential innovations for efficiency, water conservation and future technologies.”

The RUR98i is the newest addition to the Ultra Series condensing tankless water heater family, which comes equipped with an integrated recirculation pump and internal bypass line, working with either a dedicated return line or a crossover valve, to provide faster hot water - reducing wait time and waste. The model offers up to .96 Energy Factor and ENERGY STAR qualifications, as well as provides contractors with an easier, more cost-effective recirculation option and more venting options on the same unit.

With Rinnai’s Wi-Fi module, app and push buttons wirelessly connected to the home’s RUR98i tankless unit, the homeowner will have complete control of their gas tankless water heater. They will be able to use the Rinnai app to check on maintenance updates, connect with a dealer, and even start the recirculation system that heats water to save time and waste. In addition, the home has wireless push buttons placed near points of use, like the kitchen faucet or bathroom sink, serving as another convenient option for activating the recirculation. Another significant benefit for Pulte choosing Rinnai’s Wi-Fi system is that it complies with California Energy Commission’s Title 24 requirements to conserve water by using its sensor to measure the water temperature at the furthest point and turn off the recirculation when the water gets to the desired temperature.

The Rinnai Ultra Series RUR98i will provide endless, on-demand hot water for the three-bedroom and two-and-a-half bath ZNE home located in Brentwood, California, approximately 60 miles east of San Francisco. In addition to Rinnai America signing on as the tankless provider, the project is collaborating with other energy-conscious manufacturers, such as solar power, building material and heating and cooling providers, to attain its zero-net status.

“Being the chosen tankless water heater brand for Pulte’s Zero Net Energy home is evidence that well-known, reputable builders in the home industry trust us to deliver energy-efficient and cost-saving products every time,” said Frank Windsor, General Manager at Rinnai America Corporation.

The Pulte ZNE home has completed construction and was unveiled to the public June 16.

About Rinnai

Rinnai America Corporation, a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation in Nagoya, Japan, was established in 1974 and is headquartered in Peachtree City, Ga. Rinnai Corporation manufactures gas appliances including tankless water heaters, a wide range of kitchen appliances and heating and air conditioning units. As the technology leader in its industry, Rinnai is the largest gas appliance manufacturer in Japan and is the No. 1 selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in the United States and Canada. Annual corporate revenues, including those of its subsidiaries, are in excess of $2.8 billion. With a global perspective to create 21st century products for the home and business, Rinnai Corporation commits itself to safety and the pursuit of comfortable lifestyles. For more information about Rinnai’s entire product line, visit



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