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R.W. Beckett® AF/AFG Liquid Fuels Burner: The Industry’s First UL Listed B100 Burner

Beckett B100

The Beckett Corporation announces another milestone in support of the industry’s drive to carbon neutrality, now shipping AF/AFG Burners with full UL listing for use with biodiesel blends up to B100.

The B100 UL Listing further establishes R.W. Beckett as the leader in carbon neutral solutions for the industry and is consistent with the company’s alignment with the Providence Resolution adopted by the liquid fuel heating industry in 2019.

“We continue to expand our Tank-to-Flame™ system of renewable fuel products, enabling appliance manufacturers and liquid fuel dealers to provide UL listed, sustainable heating solutions to their customers today,” says Kevin Beckett, President and CEO. "We remain the FASTEST carbon reduction solution for the Northeast, while providing safe, reliable and affordable heat,” continues Kevin Beckett. “Collectively the B100 AF/AFG burner and the innovative GeniSys® 7565 Advanced Burner Control, designed to provide unparalleled diagnostics, deliver a viable solution to positively impact today’s ongoing legislative activities in support of our industry’s future.”

Click to learn more about the UL Listed Beckett® AF/AFG Oil and Renewable Fuels Burner - 0.40 to 3.00 GPH | AC Power

Click to learn more about the UL Listed Beckett® GeniSys® 7565 120V Advanced Oil Burner Control

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