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R.W. Beckett Announces That Fida (Fabbrica ltaliana Dispositivi d' Accensione) Will Join Its Family Of Companies

RW Beckett

R.W. Beckett Corp. and f.i.d.a s.r.l. (Fida) announced today that Fida (Fabbrica ltaliana Dispositivi d' Accensione) will become a part of the Beckett family of companies. Founded in 1937, Beckett is also a private manufacturing company, eager to honor the Fida legacy built since 1945 by two generations of the Graziati family, providing innovative technical solutions and supporting their commitment to the local community.

Francesco De Simone will continue in the role of Managing Director with the focus on "Reliability, good service and flexibility, which makes Fida one of the most appreciated suppliers in ignition transformers and their accessories." Leadership continuity was an important aspect of the opportunity for Beckett, continuing to build on family culture and service excellence for the customers and employees.

R.W. Beckett, with more than 80 years of history in combustion, has long acknowledged the significant differences in technology and market requirements of the European power burner market, thus strategically focusing on North America. Kevin Beckett noted, "We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to global burner companies that we are a world class component supplier in igniters — a product line we have known well for nearly 20 years with our own design and production capabilities." Beckett has achieved field reliability in North American ignition devices that is second to none. Likewise, Fida, through their flexibility and innovative manufacturing processes, has commanded a prominent position around the world in ignition device production.

Core values of Integrity, Excellence, and Profound Respect for the Individual have earned Beckett the reputation of a trusted partner. We are eager to demonstrate this to new friends in Europe and beyond.

You can learn more about the R.W. Beckett family of companies at https:// and more about Fida (Fabbrica ltaliana Dispositivi d' Accensione) at


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