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R.W. Beckett Expands Line of B20 Approved Commercial Burners

Beckett freestanding brushscript red

As a market leader in combustion technology, RW Beckett leads the way in creating solutions customers need for higher blends of liquid renewable fuels. We are pleased to announce that we have approved our commercial burners CF375, CF500, and CF800 for use with biodiesel blends up to 20% (D396 for B6-B20).

Beckett has focused on the challenge of delivering products that perform at higher biodiesel blends. In September 2020, Beckett approved the popular AF and AFG model burners and its entire line of tank accessories for use with B20. These dependable, versatile, B20-ready liquid fuel burners meet high efficiency performance demands while reducing emissions to meet carbon reduction goals. Most recently, all Cleancut® fuel pumps have also received UL Listing for use with the B6-B20 ASTM grade.

The market leader in the move to greener fuels – trust RW Beckett to lead the way. Please visit our website to learn more about our B20 approved products and other exciting product announcements.


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