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Rheem Family of Brands to Showcase Innovative, Energy Efficient New Products at 2023 AHR Expo

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Rheem will connect industry professionals with leading sustainable product lines and expert engineers across its family of brands, including Air and Water Divisions, Eemax, Friedrich, HTPG, IBC and Raypak at the 2023 AHR Expo. Together they will showcase an array of reliable, innovative, sustainable and efficient product solutions for commercial and residential applications.  

Company leaders and product experts will share insights on Rheem’s Greater Degree of Good sustainability initiative, cutting-edge product launches making a positive impact on the environment and added customer support efforts at booth B2219 at the AHR Expo.  

Decarbonization Trailblazers  

Decarbonization is taking center stage for Rheem at the AHR Expo. Rheem will highlight an extensive line of industry-leading heating, cooling and water heating products that reduce energy usage and lower a homeowner’s greenhouse gas footprint. Rheem is also providing support and resources to help customers and partners navigate decarbonization with success.   

Customer-First Support 

Team leaders will share insights on new additions to Rheem customer support solutions and the Contractor App. Rheem is evolving to continually provide best-in-class support to the company’s partners to help them better serve their communities and grow their businesses.     

Sustainability Pioneer 

Rheem is a sustainability leader and continues to develop innovative, energy-efficient products, reduce greenhouse gases and work toward achieving zero waste to landfill in its manufacturing processes.    

Innovation and Advancements  

Rheem Air Conditioning Division  

Rheem reimagined its product line, designing it to be smarter and more compact to ensure the line is the company’s most energy-efficient, reliable and sustainable offering. Rheem is now introducing the all-new residential Endeavor™ Line of Gas Furnaces, Air Handlers, Split and Packaged Air Conditioners, Split and Packaged Heat Pumps and Packaged Gas Electric units at the AHR Expo. This line is fully compliant with the 2023 Department of Energy regulations. Also, Rheem is continually adding to its commercial product portfolio by providing various solutions to help businesses with all their heating and cooling needs.     


Rheem® Endeavor™ Line Classic Plus® Series Gas Furnace: Available in a range of high efficiencies that work for a variety of customers, every Rheem Endeavor Gas Furnace is designed to deliver comfort and optimal savings while creating lower utility bills. The high-efficiency Rheem Endeavor Line Classic Plus Series R962V is ENERGY STAR® certified, EcoNet® enabled and simple to install.   

Rheem® Endeavor™ Line Classic Plus® Series iM Heat Pump: This heat pump provides a more versatile solution for consistent comfort, season after season. Its super-efficient technology lowers energy bills, while its excellent durability helps keep the homeowner’s mind at ease. The unit also features an industry-leading warranty and built-in Bluetooth® connectivity, making it faster and easier for a contractor to install and service a new system.     

Rheem® Endeavor™ Line Classic Series iM Air Conditioner: These new air conditioners are easy to install, designed with quiet operation in mind and feature industry-leading warranties with up to 10 years on parts and up to 10 years on conditional unit replacement. The unit includes built-in Bluetooth connectivity and provides increased energy savings month after month with higher efficiency with SEER2 and EER2 ratings.   


Rheem® Renaissance™ 15-25 ton G/E and A/C: Available now, the Renaissance 15–25-ton G/E and A/C has the install-ability, serviceability, and reliability of the Renaissance Line contractors have grown to love, but now it is even bigger, with added features like a flexible footprint with two return options to choose from – making replacement jobs easy. Units come standard with a phase protection monitor to further protect the unit while in operation and innovative technology such as the new, patent-pending Cooling System Design will help meet higher IEER for DOE 2023.   

Rheem® Resolute™ 30 Ton G/E and A/C with VAV: The Rheem Resolute is the industry’s first 30 ton packaged system with field convertible airflow and standard single-zone and multi-zone Variable Air Volume (VAV). Engineered to deliver on efficiency and performance, the Resolute 30 Ton meets DOE 2023 efficiency requirements, while ClearControl™ boasts flexible controls for easy communication via BACnet, LonWorks or Modbus, allowing owners to connect and control the system using their preferred option. Additionally, the indoor blower with VFD increases efficiency.      

Rheem Water Heating Division   


Rheem® ProTerra® Plug-in Heat Pump Water Heater with HydroBoost (120V Shared Circuit): This award-winning, ENERGY STAR® certified model is easy to install with minimal clearance requirements and a standard tank footprint. The 120V ProTerra Plug-in is ideal for drop-in gas replacement as it plugs into any standard 120V outlet featuring high-efficiency upgrades without the need to install a 240V electric service. A Best of IBS award finalist, the ProTerra Plug-in with HydroBoost pulls heat energy from the air around it to heat water, delivering up to five times the efficiency of a gas water heater. In addition, built-in EcoNet Wi-Fi technology provides complete control of your water heater — from adjusting water temperature and tracking energy usage — all from a smartphone.    

Rheem® IKONIC™ Super High Efficiency Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater with Recirculation Pump: This ENERGY STAR® certified 11.2 GPM tankless solution delivers best-in-class energy efficiency, no wait continuous hot water, and the industry’s most comprehensive 15-year warranty. It also offers a built-in recirculation pump for the ultimate convenience of unlimited hot water while still providing water savings.  With built-in Wi-Fi technology with EcoNet® compatibility, Rheem IKONIC gives users complete control of the unit from anywhere in the world. This includes temperature adjustments, tracking of energy use, and modifying recirculation modes – all from a smartphone.     


Rheem® Commercial Heat Pump System: The new Rheem Commercial Heat Pump Split Systems feature super high efficiency, which reduces energy use and operating costs for businesses by up to 75%, while delivering dependable hot water. Rheem’s heat pump systems are designed with multiple install options including vertical, horizontal and stackable models. Offering an array of options, Rheem’s heat pump systems improve building efficiency, add to LEED points, minimize environmental impact and positively contribute to decarbonization goals.   

Rheem® Triton™ Super Duty and Triton™ Light Duty: Developed with small business owners in mind, these commercial units, with up to 98% thermal efficiency, eliminate downtime with the ability to detect and prevent water heater problems. Triton Light Duty (50-and 75-gallon) offers a smarter, more robust solution as it is built for commercial environments. While Triton Super Duty (119-gallon) provides greater capacity for businesses that need maximum hot water delivery. Triton Super and Light Duty join the existing Rheem Triton line-up consisting of Heavy-Duty units (80-and 100-gallon).   


Eemax® ProSeries XTP™: Eemax continues to lead the industry in the evolution of hot water and is now forging new frontiers with ProSeries XTP. An ideal solution for diverse commercial and industrial applications requiring water temperatures up to 180°F, ProSeries XTP tankless electric water heaters offer specified flow rates from 0.5 to 20 gallons per minute. Featuring quality that is built to last, the family is comprised of 10 models in either three or six heating chamber configurations.   

Eemax® Handwashing LavAdvantage™, AccuMix II™ and FlowCo™: Safe and readily accessible handwashing requires a reliable, efficient, cost-saving solution. Eemax is dedicated to ensuring endless, on-demand hot water for code-compliant handwashing and sanitation to keep the businesses’ employees and customers safe. Eemax’s handwashing portfolio consists of three distinct families: LavAdvantage™, AccuMix II™, and FlowCo™. These tankless electric water heaters can be installed in any orientation at the point-of-use with just a single water line.   

Eemax® SpecAdvantage™: Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the SpecAdvantage™ tankless electric water heater is designed for low-duty cycle applications where precise temperature controls and low-pressure drop are required. These units feature fully modulating, predictive controls and safety features to ensure precise temperature control.    


Friedrich Kühl® Heat Pump Room Air Conditioner: Friedrich Air Conditioning offers Kühl, the only heat pump room air conditioner available on the market. Quiet and powerful, with larger heat pump models capable of producing up to 24,000 BTUs (cool only up to 35,000 BTUs), Friedrich Kühl is an outstanding all-season window A/C solution, helping save up to three times more money on energy bills. North American-built Friedrich Kühl is also available in lower-global warming potential (GWP) R-32 refrigerant models, which comply with California’s stringent state regulations (California Air Resources Board -CARB) and increases efficiency. Friedrich Kühl is also the only room AC available with MERV 13 filtration to guard against spreading infectious airborne particles. 

Friedrich Variable Refrigerant Packaged Heat Pumps: The Friedrich VRP® heat pump is a variable capacity system that utilizes Precision Inverter® technology to provide optimal space conditions. This award-winning plug-and-play product delivers variable-speed cooling and low ambient heating giving building owners and developers an industry-leading, high-tech, cost-effective alternative to the complex HVAC systems in the industry.  This single-packaged climate control solution offers the efficiency and benefits of multiple complex HVAC systems without the complications associated with them. 

Friedrich Floating Air Ductless Mini Split: Whether the goal is to heat and cool a single room or multiple rooms, Friedrich has quieter and more energy-efficient ductless split system solutions. Choose from sleek wall-mounted models, ceiling cassettes that mount flush with the ceiling, and ducted units that install out of sight for up to four multiple zones of cooling and heating. Precision Inverter ® technology eliminates constant compressor start-ups/shutdowns for smooth and quiet operation that adjusts capacity and cooling output to provide exactly the amount of cooling needed at a given time. The result is optimal comfort with low energy costs. Friedrich’s revolutionary FastPro® design also makes ductless installation and service easier than ever with reduced service and installation times by up to 50%.   


EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers: Intelligent and electronically operated evaporators for walk-in coolers and freezers, EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers are designed for energy efficiency and easy installation. Developed in conjunction with Rheem Manufacturing, the award-winning design brings easy-to-use smart technology to commercial refrigeration applications. It eliminates unnecessary defrosts, maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor runtime and reduces liability by eliminating icing issues. It also reduces fan speed to 50% during its off cycle to save energy and reduces its temperature fluctuations by regulating defrosts for improved product quality. EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers can be configured to work on a single or dual evaporator coil and work with a condensing unit in single and multiple evaporator installations as a group. 

Packaged Refrigeration System: HTPG will also highlight its new Packaged Refrigeration System. The product leverages EcoNet technology to reduce food spoilage while improving energy efficiency and is ideal for medium and low temperature applications. 


IBC SFT Superflow™ Series: The Superflow Series now includes an innovative wireless cascade feature that allows up to eight units to operate together for instances where a single Superflow unit is not large enough.  Create a cascade system using multiple Superflow units to meet domestic hot water needs with the added benefits of greater efficiency and redundancy. The Superflow wireless cascade system is incredibly easy to set up, yet flexible enough for more demanding applications. 

IBC CX™ Combi Boiler: A unique balance of performance, efficiency and value for home heating needs, the IBC CX Boiler utilizes MFZ Technology, a patented moisture management system that protects and ensures a long life for all boiler components. CX Boilers use IBC’s intuitive V-10 touchscreen boiler control, which features the latest in advanced control technology and software. CX Boilers are easy to install with universal parts, with only one fan and one controller, making it simple to service all models. 


Raypak XVers + KŌR: This line of commercial boilers is the most intelligent compact condensing fire tube boilers available on the market. Featuring the new high-efficiency stainless steel KŌR fire tube heat exchanger, XVers + KŌR packs more heat into a smaller footprint, providing unmatched value to customers. Raypak’s new line of boilers provides a suitable hydronic heating solution for commercial applications such as hospitals, schools, multi-family housing and more.   

Raypak Commercial Air to Water Heat Pumps: Raypak Commercial Air to Water Heat Pumps use heat extracted from the air to heat water, with zero emissions, eliminating the need to choose between sustainability goals and the hot water needed to operate your business. Its super high efficiency leads to a reduced carbon footprint, minimizing your impact on the environment and positively contributing to regional decarbonization goals. The system features a reduced footprint with a stackable model design and both vertical and horizontal discharge options for custom fit layouts.  Raypak provides customers with assistance on everything from sizing and installation to maintenance and training.    

The Rheem family of brands is proud to return to the AHR Expo and continue strengthening its relationships with customers, suppliers and contracting partners. The AHR Expo is an ideal opportunity to highlight Rheem’s continued focus on sustainability and technology innovations that enable the creation of efficient, convenient and reliable products demanded by the market.  


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