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Rheem® Family of Brands to Showcase Innovative Products at 2024 AHR Expo

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Combining the power of more than 50 brands, manufacturing giant Rheem® will showcase an array of high performance, sustainable comfort solutions and demonstrate why it is the ideal single-source provider for the industry. At the 2024 AHR Expo, the Rheem family of brands, including Rheem Heating & Cooling, Rheem Water Heating, Eemax®, Friedrich®, HTPG®, IBC™ and Raypak®, will present a variety of dependable, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and effective product options designed for commercial and residential use.

Rheem continues to lead with a customer-first approach reflected in the company’s show theme "One Partner. Infinite Possibilities.” Additionally, Rheem representatives will speak at two education sessions.

  • "Redefining Comfort: Decarbonization's Impact on the HVAC Industry" on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 10:30 a.m.: Vice President of Government Affairs Karen Meyers will delve into the transformative effects of decarbonization.
  • "Addressing the Workforce Talent Gap through Educational Partnerships" on Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 11:30 a.m.: Sr. Manager of Education & Training Jose De La Portilla will share perspectives on bridging the talent gap in HVAC through strategic educational collaborations.

At booth S7569, show attendees will discover a range of commercial innovations ideal for many applications, such as hospitality and education. In addition, Rheem’s residential solutions designed for performance, efficiency and ease of installation will be on display. Industry partners will also learn about ongoing training opportunities through Rheem’s Innovation Learning Centers.

Rheem’s Greater Degree of Good™ initiative and newest Sustainability Progress Report will be highlighted, featuring cutting-edge products that contribute to the environment and enhance customer support programs. With hundreds of groundbreaking patents and awards, Rheem’s next-gen products were developed with the future in mind.

Products on display include:

Rheem Heating & Cooling


Rheem Endeavor™ Line Prestige® Series iM Heat Pump (RP18AZ): The Rheem RP18AZ heat pump is ENERGY STAR® certified, offering one of the highest efficiencies available today. The heat pump, recently honored as a Good Design winner, offers a versatile and highly efficient solution for homes, featuring patented industry-first features and a 360+1 design. The inverter-driven and variable-speed compressor technology ensures precise temperature control and advanced humidity control, quickly adapting to varying heating and cooling needs. With a focus on durability and curb appeal, the unit features curved louvered panels, rugged corner posts, a corrosion-resistant composite base pan and a powder coat paint system. The RP18AZ prioritizes home comfort and acoustics with sound-dampening attributes, resulting in a sound ranking of as low as 58 dB.

Rheem Endeavor™ Line Classic Plus® Series Universal Heat Pump (RD17AZ): The ENERGY STAR certified RD17AZ heat pump, featuring Cold Climate models across all tonnages, offers a flexible installation option as part of a complete heating and cooling system, or as a Universal Replacement with minimal alterations required. The heat pump is designed with acoustics in mind, featuring sound-dampening elements such as refrigerant tubing design, sound blanket, fan blade approach, innovative variable speed compressor and inverter drive technologies to ensure that as efficiency goes up, sound levels stay low. This cutting-edge, highly efficient (19 SEER2/ 12 EER2 / 8.5 HSPF2), EcoNet® Enabled heat pump system is part of Rheem’s Sound & Space Constraint series of solutions, which are products ideal for small spaces focused on reducing noise and increasing energy efficiency. The Classic Plus Side-Discharge Universal Heat Pump is the perfect system for installs in cramped locations with a small footprint.


Rheem Renaissance™ Packaged Units: Designed to simplify replacement projects, the entire Renaissance Commercial HVAC Line boast industry-common footprints and connections, eliminating the need for curb adapters in most replacement scenarios, resulting in labor and materials cost savings. The PlusOne® ServiceSmart™ package facilitates faster troubleshooting, featuring Qwik-slide components and easy-access, reducing service and maintenance times by up to 100 minutes compared to other brands. Offered in Gas/Electric, A/C and heat pump in a variety of capacities from 3 to 25 tons, Renaissance products deliver up to 14.8 IEER / 11.2 EER in 6 to 25 ton capacities and up to 17 SEER / 16.2 SEER2 and 12.5 EER / 12 EER2 in 3 to 5 ton capacities. Packed with innovative features like our exclusive PlusOne® HumidiDry®, patented VelociFin® gas heat exchanger, and patented, industry-first SmartShield™ indoor and outdoor interlaced microchannel coil design, Renaissance is a smart choice for a variety of commercial applications.

Rheem Resolute™ Packaged Units: Resolute packaged systems are offered in Gas/Electric, A/C and heat pump in a variety of capacities from 15 to 30 tons and are a great choice for new construction and retrofit projects for a broad range of commercial applications through higher efficiencies, powerful performance, and just the right mix of premium features, making it easier to install, service, and operate. Contractors and facilities managers can reduce time spent performing industry-standard service and preventative maintenance with thoughtfully engineered features like hinged panel access, single point wiring and easily removable assemblies. Experience superior comfort through Rheem HumidiDry® which maximizes humidity control without compromising the desired temperature set point – all while delivering energy savings. Notably, the Resolute™ 30 ton packaged system, recently named a 2023 Good Design award winner, is the industry’s first with field convertible airflow and standard singlezone and multi-zone Variable Air Volume (VAV) which further enhance the occupant comfort experience by personalizing comfort by zone while being the smallest and lightest available. Rheem ClearControl™ offers easy communication via BACnet, LonWorks or Modbus, allowing owners to connect and control the system using their preferred option – making install, service, maintenance, and operation easier and more flexible.

Rheem Water Heating


Rheem ProTerra® Hybrid Electric Water Heater: The Rheem ProTerra Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater provides immediate savings with federal tax credits up to $2,000, local utility rebates and offers up to $491 in annual energy cost savings. Boasting an impressive efficiency with up to 4.07 UEF, ENERGY STAR certification and Title 24 compliance, this water heater reduces operating costs significantly. It outperforms most standard electric water heaters by delivering hot water faster and operates within the widest ambient range in its class, 37-145 F. Electric water heater replacements or upgrades are made seamless with all front-facing serviceable components, quick access to the electrical junction box, zero side-clearance and a standard tank water heater footprint.

RTGH Series Super High Efficiency Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heaters: Sustainability and efficiency are at the forefront of these tankless water heaters. The RTGH Series condensing units (.93 UEF) offer uncompromised performance while using up to 34% less energy respectively, than a standard residential 50-gallon tank water heater. New convenience features include an integrated digital display for diagnostic information, built-in EcoNet Wi-Fi (on select models) for real-time service alerts and more. The new modern design of the RTGH Series is both smaller and lighter than previous models. With industry-leading side and front clearance, the units are ideal for safe and flexible installation in tight spaces, including closets.


Rheem Triton® Light Duty: The Triton family of high efficiency commercial gas water heaters are the right solution to spec for any size business. Developed with small business owners in mind, these commercial units, with up to 98% thermal efficiency, eliminate downtime with the ability to detect and prevent water heater problems before they occur. Triton Light Duty (50-and 75-gallon), a 2024 AHR Innovation Award Winner, in the plumbing category, offers a smarter, more robust solution than standard units as it is built for commercial environments. While Triton Super Duty (119-gallon) provides greater capacity for businesses that need maximum hot water delivery. Triton Super and Light Duty join the existing Rheem Triton line-up consisting of Heavy-Duty units (80-and 100-gallon).

Rheem Air to Water 135k BTU Horizontal Exhaust: Available in models and options to meet the diverse needs of every building, the ENERGY STAR heat pump takes gas lines and flue venting out of the equation. It can be installed indoors or outdoors with a choice between vertical and horizontal discharge models. The unit delivers hot water with a system COP exceeding 4.0 at 80 F ambient and 60% relative humidity. For colder days, it includes an auxiliary boost mode and auto defrost. Ideal for green building programs and increased efficiency ratings like LEED, it supports requirements set forth in legislative bills SB 350, AB 758, SB 1477, AB 3232.


Eemax ProSeries XTP™: ProSeries XTP tankless electric water heaters are designed for applications that require superior thermal performance and stability. Using breakthrough Adaptive Stability Technology™, ProSeries XTP models provide exact thermal performance in demanding conditions. ProSeries XTP is an ideal solution for diverse commercial and industrial applications requiring water temperatures up to 180 F and specified flow rates from 0.5 to 20 gallons per minute. The units range in power from 16 to 54 kilowatts and operate on three phase delta power. The family is comprised of 10 models in either three or six heating chamber configurations.

Eemax LavAdvantage™: LavAdvantage tankless electric water heater is designed to fit a variety of fixed and variable flow applications and can deliver endless hot water to a single fixture or multiple fixtures. All LavAdvantage units feature a 0.2 GPM turn-on flow rate with a fast and accurate time-totemperature. The digital LED display with an accessible user interface communicates system status and heater operation feedback. Silent operation is available on all models except for SPEX012240T. Mount the unit within two feet of the fixture for best performance.


Friedrich Vert-I-Pak®: Friedrich's new Vert-I-Pak is the first and only complete line of M1-compliant single package vertical air conditioners. Fredrich’s newest line-up is available in 9K, 12K, 18K, and 24K Btu capacities and supports decarbonization efforts with heat pump operation down to 10 F, resulting in higher annual savings and return on investment. The new operating parameters along with increased airflow, and higher blower static increases duct run length, making Vert-I-Pak an ideal solution for both hospitality and multifamily. The product line still features Fredrich’s revolutionary 'Free Floating' chassis design and superior insulation resulting in ultra-quiet operation. All this, along with industry-leading warranty, short lead times and better product availability make the newest Friedrich Vert-I-Pak the ultimate HVAC solution, uniquely tailored to meet the diverse and demanding needs of the hospitality and multi-family industries.

Friedrich Breeze™ Ducted Mini Split Heat Pump: Introducing Breeze™ Ducted Mini Split Heat Pumps – the newest innovation from Friedrich. Breeze is the easiest way to upgrade from traditional ducted unitary HVAC equipment to an efficient, inverter heat pump system. The unique design integrates into existing ductwork and is even universally compatible with existing air handlers or gas furnaces, and 24V thermostats or a BMS. For even more installation flexibility, Breeze accommodates long pipe runs, and can be installed in sites with piping of up to 246 ft. and height differentials of up to 98 ft. Its compact design features a smaller footprint that requires less outdoor space, with 36% reduction in volume and 40% reduction in footprint. Friedrich's Precision Inverter® technology delivers efficiencies of up to 18.0 SEER2 and 9.0 HSPF for superior energy savings, all with cold climate operation down to -13 F in heat pump mode, and cooling in temperatures as low as 5 F. Superior sound insulation and precise engineering provide the ultra-quiet air movement that is a Friedrich signature feature. With 4 systems covering a broad capacity range spanning 18K - 60K Btu, Breeze requires less inventory. Breeze is also competitively priced and backed by a strong warranty, service, and support, along with Friedrich's 140- year legacy of best in-class room air solutions. From differentiated product, to installation, to stocking, to service & support – Friedrich makes heat pump solutions a Breeze.


HTPG Packaged Refrigeration System: The innovative design of the Packaged Refrigeration System prioritizes enhancing performance, energy efficiency and capacity to cater to the requirements of many commercial businesses. These units optimize product quality by minimizing temperature fluctuations and maximizing energy efficiency, resulting in reduced compressor runtime. Designed for easy installation and serviceability, the units are equipped with lift-off hinges and panels, along with multiple drain-out points for either a boil-out drain pan or PVC connection.

HTPG EcoNet Enabled Refrigeration System: Developed in conjunction with Rheem Manufacturing, this EcoNet Enabled Refrigeration System builds on the success, reliability and efficiency of Rheem’s EcoNet technology and brings it to the commercial refrigeration market. The EcoNet technology saves energy in refrigeration systems through precise superheat and space temperature control, fan cycling, and controlling how often the system goes into defrost based on compressor runtime. EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers can be configured to work on a single or dual evaporator coil and can be used with a condensing unit in single and multiple evaporator installations as a group. Available factory-installed on Next-Gen All-Temp Low Profile, Center Mount, and Low Velocity Center Mount unit coolers with more being added soon.


IBC SFT Superflow™ Tankless: The SFT Superflow Series, recently named a 2023 Good Design award winner, now includes an innovative wireless cascade feature that allows up to eight units to operate together for instances where a single Superflow unit is not large enough. Create a cascade system using multiple Superflow units to meet domestic hot water needs with the added benefits of greater efficiency and redundancy. The Superflow wireless cascade system is incredibly easy to set up, yet flexible enough for more demanding applications.

IBC SFC Superflow Combi: This dual-fired combi not only excels in high-efficiency space heating but also boasts unparalleled efficiency in domestic hot water provision – a concept IBC refers to as 'Double HE.' The key lies in the patented two-in-one heat exchanger, ensuring optimal heat transfer and minimal loss. The SFC Superflow now features an innovative wireless cascade function, enabling up to eight units to collaborate for larger applications. The wireless cascade system is easy to set up and flexible for diverse applications, requiring no communication cables.


Raypak XVers + KŌR: This line of commercial boilers is the most intelligent compact condensing fire tube boilers available on the market. Featuring the new high-efficiency stainless steel KŌR fire tube heat exchanger, XVers + KŌR packs more heat into a smaller footprint, providing unmatched value to customers. Raypak’s new line of boilers provides a suitable hydronic heating solution for commercial applications such as hospitals, schools, multi-family housing and more.

Raypak XFIIRE™ with SureRack: XFIIRE™ is built with stainless steel water-tube construction, versatile design and adaptive controls on an intuitive VERSA IC® touchscreen display. The XFIIRE is engineered for performance, efficiency and with Raymote™ access to keep you connected and informed. Double the heating capacity of the boiler or water heater without doubling the footprint with the XFIIRE™ SureRack™ Vertical Racking system.

The Rheem family of brands is proud to return to the AHR Expo and continue strengthening its relationships with customers, suppliers and contracting partners. The AHR Expo is an ideal opportunity to highlight Rheem’s continued focus on sustainability and technology innovations that enable the creation of efficient, convenient and reliable products demanded by the market. 


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