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Safe and Sanitary Plumbing for Commercial Buildings: How to reopen after COVID-19 with Proper DHW Digital Mixing

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The COVID-19 pandemic is causing commercial buildings such as day care facilities, hotels, schools and health clubs to remain closed for abnormally long periods. When facilities begin to reopen, ensuring safe and sanitary plumbing water will be of utmost importance. Plumbing systems left idle can be susceptible to harmful bacteria such as Legionella which can proliferate to dangerous concentrations.

In a domestic hot water (DHW) system with no master mixing valve, it is common to set a storage tank temperature controller to 120ºF. This is a generally accepted maximum, safe hot water temperature that will not cause scalding. While this temperature is safe from the perspective of not causing scalding, it’s not hot enough to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria. As this hot water flows throughout the building and comes back in the recirculation piping, it cools and becomes an ideal environment for Legionella bacteria to grow to dangerous levels. DHW should be stored at a higher temperature to prevent Legionella growth at the source. This elevated temperature cannot be used directly, however, because of potential scalding. A mixing valve is required to control the water to a usable temperature. The Caleffi LEGIOMIX® digital mixing valve is the perfect solution for DHW control and safety for commercial and large residential applications.

If a building is equipped with a LEGIOMIX valve, it will enjoy highly accurate mixed water temperature 24/7. The LEGIOMIX has industry-unique, calendar-based automatic thermal disinfection programs. It also includes data logging capability for thermal monitoring and can connect to a building automation system for remote monitoring and access.

When LEGIOMIX is combined with SinkMixer™ anti-scald valves and ThermoSetter™ recirculation balancing valves, an innovative and total thermal solution for the control of safe and sanitary DHW is realized.

Caleffi has produced a brief video illustrating why the LEGIOMIX digital mixing valve is the perfect solution for domestic hot water control in commercial or large residential applications.


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