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SALUS Unveils Pioneering Actuator for Underfloor Heating

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SALUS - one of the leading global heating control experts - is setting its sights firmly on the underfloor heating (UFH) controls sector with the launch of its patented Auto Balancing Actuator. Specifically designed to balance the flow of water through the UFH system, this latest innovation will help eliminate hot and cold spots; thereby improving home comfort and heating efficiency while reducing energy costs.

Unlike conventional thermo actuators, the new Auto Balancing Actuator performs the function of both thermal actuator and supply regulator, resulting in two functions in one unit. Complete with two remote sensors that are placed on the supply and return from the manifold, the actuator constantly monitors the temperatures and will adjust the flow rate to maintain a delta of 13oF (7oC) for the UFH circuit. This is the ideal temperature differential between the supply and return; thereby balancing and optimizing system performance.

With a very low power consumption of just 0.5W, the Auto Balancing Actuator uses much less energy than conventional actuators that typically use 2-3W or more. With a speedy opening and closing action of typically 30 seconds, this model is also much faster than conventional thermal actuators that can take three minutes or longer to open or close.

The Auto Balancing Actuator brings several benefits. For the installer, it makes system balancing a simple and quick operation. This is particularly helpful in retrofit installations where the actuator will automatically calculate the supply and return rate even when the pipe length is unknown; thereby saving time and simplifying the installers’ job. Meanwhile, the homeowner benefits from a correctly balanced system that eliminates hot and cold spots ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency, while the UFH supplier will experience less service calls and complaints.

Commenting on this pioneering heating control, Shen Owyang, SALUS North America’s General Manager, said: “Our new Auto Balancing Actuator combines the design vision and technological innovation for which SALUS is renowned, and will help alleviate the problems associated with ineffective control of the UFH circuit that typically result in temperature imbalance.

“The UFH sector is hailed as one of the fastest growing sectors of the global heating market, and alongside our recently-launched range of wireless and connected underfloor heating controls, we are committed to developing innovative products that will continue to improve the UFH heating controls landscape,” adds Shen.

Complete with a five-year warranty, the Auto Balancing Actuator is competitively-priced and is available from SALUS’ nationwide network of merchants and distributors.


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