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St. Patrick’s Cathedral Geothermal Energy Technology

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral, located in the heart of New York City, is an international landmark and a source of inspiration to the more than five million visitors of every religious denomination welcomed each year. Beneath the floors of the beautiful 138-year-old cathedral lies new cutting-edge HVAC technology. A state of the art geothermal heating and cooling system replaces its system of steam radiators and works to heat and cool the more than 76,000 square foot cathedral. Triangle Tube is a part of the large undertaking designed and executed by Landmark Facilities Group. The case study video can be seen at this link.

pat2In the event that the geothermal technology does not meet demand, a backup boiler plant is engaged. The Triangle Tube Prestige 399 Cascade system is the heart of that system and is located in a tightly packed boiler room under the church’s campus. The Prestige was chosen because of its ease of installation and flexibility allowing it to adapt to job site conditions. The Prestige offers a lot of BTUs in a small package which fit within the small footprint of the project. The common vent system also saved space by combining multiple vents together in to one. The Prestige Cascade System features multiple high efficiency, fully modulating, low water content boilers, where off cycle losses are substantially reduced and dissipated heat from the stored water is far less than a single large capacity boiler.

The new cutting-edge technology has reduced the cathedral carbon footprint and will ensure visitors remain warm and inspired by this beautiful building for years to come.


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