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Dave Sweet

Homebuilding Project is Documented Thru Series of Video Blog Episodes 

In an effort to show how sustainable home building solutionscan inform new home building, or renovation efforts to existing homes, Taco Comfort Solutions is sponsoring a video blog series called “Building Green Comfort from the Ground Up.”  It can be found online at

Meet Dave Sweet, eco-friendly homebuilder

The series is hosted by Dave Sweet, a Taco Comfort Solutions employee who has been building his own homes in Connecticut since the 1980s. Taco acquired Dave Sweet’s company, Sweet Controls, in the mid-1990s, incorporating Dave’s electronic controls into its popular “00” line of residential pumps. Today Dave is Taco’s Electronic Controls Product Manager. 

Each time that he’s built another home, Dave has incorporated energy-saving features like radiant heating or energy-efficient comfort systems. Dave’s latest homebuilding venture – he says it’s his last upon his wife’s insistence – is located on 2.2 wooded acres in Old Saybrook, along the Connecticut shoreline. 

This home project will include a menagerie of eco-friendly homebuilding features and techniques, making it the culmination of all that Dave has learned and used in his past homebuilding projects. To this end, Dave is reaching out to a variety of green building and sustainability experts in his quest to produce a final home for his family that is environmentally friendly, with a reduced ecological footprint, while achieving ultimate indoor comfort. 

Capturing the homebuilding process start-to-finish

Dave’s intention is to share his journey with others, so he has started his video blog series in the earliest planning stages. His aim is to demystify the entire home building process by breaking it down, step by step, so that viewers can gain a firsthand perspective on what goes into such a project. And what better way to do so than to video document the entire process? 

On the Green Comfort Blog, followers can watch Dave’s progress unfold through the video episodes, which are released once every two weeks, and they can take part in the process by joining the blog conversation. Video topics posted to date include, among others: 

  • Meet Dave’s architect
  • Q&A: Homebuilding harmony
  • 5 things to think about during the planning stage
  • When it comes to building an eco-friendly home, what characteristics are most important to you? 

In each episode, Dave learns something new about the homebuilding process, and each expert he consults contributes something important to Dave’s project. As the process unfolds through successive video episodes and bonus content to include Q&A sessions, participating business profiles, side stories and guest blogger contributions, followers will get to know Dave and increase their own knowledge, and discover that Building Green Comfort from the Ground Up can be a fun and enriching experience.  

Share your thoughts & experiences

Taco Comfort invites industry experts, homebuilders and homeowners to contribute to the conversation. Share your personal experiences with building or living in an eco-friendly home. is the perfect place to share practical tips, helpful resources, ask questions, and more. Sign up as a contributor or guest blogger on the website.  

Taco Comfort Solutions™

Taco Comfort Solutions™, a Taco Group Company, is a family-owned American manufacturer of HVAC heating, cooling, and plumbing products for the HVAC industry. In business since 1920, the ISO 9001 company develops and manufactures a wide range of products and systems for both residential and commercial applications, to include circulators/pumps, valves and controls, air-dirt separators, heat exchangers, buffer and expansion tanks, domestic hot water and accessory products, and building management controls.



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