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Taco Manufacturing Facilities Celebrate Excellent Safety Record

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Cranston, RI-based Taco, Inc. announced recently that its manufacturing facilities were recognized for excellent safety performance. “What we’re proudest of is our seven-year – or 1,200,000-hours – worked without a lost-time accident at our Fall River plant,” said Taco Executive VP, Commercial Divisions, Robert E. Lee.

Lee explained that a “lost-time” accident equates to a loss (days away from work) of one person for one full day or more due to work related injury.

He added that the Fall River facility is where the company’s largest pressure vessels are constructed. “Very heavy, very large steel products are constructed and assembled there, so the potential for serious injury is highest. Yet, for seven full years, we’ve manufactured there year-round without a lost workday due to injury,” he said.

The Fall River plant and Taco’s Cranston, Rhode Island main plant and headquarters are also “SHARP-certified” (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program). OSHA’s SHARP recognition stems from a special state-run program designed to recognize small companies (250 employees or less) with exemplary safety and health programs and performance.

Once SHARP requirements are fulfilled, facilities are removed from OSHA’s programmed inspection list for a period of two years, and also frequently qualify for insurance premium reductions.

"Receiving the SHARP certification is an outstanding achievement. SHARP reinforces our commitment to providing our workforce with the safest, healthiest work environment possible, and being an excellent and safe business partner and employer of choice in the communities we serve," added Taco’s Safety & Environmental Director David Grof.

“The key to continuously improving our safety performance is to involve all of our employees in the safety process,” continued Grof. “Collectively, we take a proactive approach to developing excellent safety and good housekeeping practices and a strengthened safety culture within the organization. Employees personal safety is the number one priority in everything we do”.

Taco is a third generation, family-owned American company that designs and builds the highest quality HVAC comfort solutions for residential and commercial applications worldwide.The firm has 500 employees, most of whom have enjoyed long-term careers with the company. 

Taco’s manufacturing facilities include their main plant and headquarters in Cranston, RI; Fall River, MA; Taco Canada Ltd. in Ontario and Hydroflo Pumps USA, Inc. in Fairview, TN.

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