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Taco Offers New-Wiring-for Hydronics Training

Taco Wiring with Dave Holdorf

A new, free, online and self-paced training course is offered from Taco’s FloPro University. Trainer Dave Holdorf provides professional contractor FloPro Team members with an introduction to wiring residential hydronic systems. For new hands, or as a refresher for veteran pros, the course provides everything installers need to know.

Holdorf covers all the essentials, beginning with the need to solve common system control challenges. It’s the first of several “Wiring for Hydronics” courses offered by Taco.
In plain English, Holdorf explains the three parts of every electrical circuit and introduces learners to the variety of switches encountered and explains how relays convert 120 VAC current to the 24 V needed to control devices.

Holdorf explains the basic electrical terms, circuits, how to use a multimeter and basic system troubleshooting.
Participants also learn how to wire a Taco SR501 single zone switching relay, what to look for when buying a multi meter and how to use it for some of the basic troubleshooting that can make short work of wiring mysteries.

Participants work at their own place and at their own pace with easy review of any material, and quizzes are provided while working toward the exam.

Interested? If you haven’t yet joined Taco’s FloPro Team, do that first, then learn more at


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