Taco Presents Dan Holohan Comfort Award at 2022 AHR Expo

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Bob Barbour, VP, Sales Operations North America at Taco Comfort Solutions®, was presented the 2022 Dan Holohan Lifetime Contribution to Comfort Award at Taco’s press conference at the AHR Expo, by John White III., Senior VP, OEM Sales at Taco Comfort Solutions.

Barbour began his career at Taco as an incoming material inspector in 1978 before finishing his civil engineering degree at the University of Rhode Island.  

Through his 44-year tenure at Taco, Barbour held 11 positions there, including engineering management for fabricated products, VP of new business development, and regional sales manager.  Barbour believes that his greatest contribution to Taco may be the introduction of TacoNet, a product selection software that assisted in sizing and selection of HVAC components.  This software was a game-changer for Taco’s distribution, condensing the product specification process from hours to minutes.  It was the precursor to all sizing and selection software now offered by Taco.   

Barbour has been a member of ASHRAE for more than 30 years.  He’s been involved at the national level with various technical committees.  He also served the DOE Conservation Committee while the group – in collaboration with the Hydraulic Institute – determined energy standards for pumps in the US. 

Barbour also became an expert on air elimination in hydronic systems.  His presentations to trade professionals in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East typically drew large crowds.  

Barbour lives with his wife in Rhode Island.  His two grown children share his University of Rhode Island alma mater. 

“If you look at the whole Taco family, they’re all trying to pull on the rope together in order to serve our customers and grow the overall business,” said Barbour, after receiving the award.  “Because we’re a family, we put that extra effort forward to help the industry.” 

The Dan Holohan Lifetime Contribution to Comfort Award is given annually to an HVAC professional or company that has made a substantial contribution to comfort technology, advancement, or training while displaying the exceptional good humor and love of people exhibited by Dan Holohan throughout his long career.  Past award winners include Dan Holohan, Robert Bean, Bruce Marshall, Dan Foley and John Barba.


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