Taco SCI and SFI, First SelfSensing End Suction Pumps

Taco SelfSensing end suction pumps

The industry's first self-sensing, variable speed end suction pumps are now available from Taco.

The pumps, with integrated VFDs, permit fast, accurate balancing. They help to reduce balancing contractor costs, eliminate expensive wiring and the need for external sensors.

New SCI close-coupled end suction pumps, and SFI frame-mounted end suction pumps provide superior reliability and ease in installation for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer and water supply applications. All meet the latest standards for hydraulic performance and dimensional characteristics for quiet, dependable performance.

Pump features include:

  • Self Sensing bypass option – an important advantage for engineers who seek to bypass the variable speed control. 
  • Customers can order either a NEMA 1 drive with an ODP motor or a NEMA 12 drive with a TEFC motor.
  • Easy-to-replace, slip-on shaft sleeve to facilitate easy field maintenance.
  • Dry shaft design to protect pump shaft by eliminating contact between the shaft and the circulating fluid.
  • Flush seal line taps allow installation of filter to protect seal from non-condensable particles in the system.
  • Pressure tappings on suction and discharge connections are standard.
  • Corrosion-resistant shaft materials generally not required.

SFI frame-mounted end suction pumps feature an improved bearing frame design with sealed-for-life bearings that meet all industry requirements for a minimum L 10 life of 60,000 hours. The improved design also incorporates a unique sealing system which prevents the migration of water into the bearing frame. 


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