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The ONE® Takes Top Honors in Heating Category at AHR Expo Innovation Awards

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Only months after being selected as the best new heating product at Canada’s largest plumbing, HVACR, hydronics, electrical and lighting trade show (MCEE), Calefactio Solutions proudly announces The ONE® has won the AHR Expo’s heating category Innovation Award. This major North-American competition receives 200 entries per year, in 10 categories. Based on criteria that include innovative design, creativity, application, value and market impact, winners are selected by a panel of industry experts. The ONE® is now in contention for this year’s prestigious Product of the Year Award, all categories, to be announced at the AHR Expo Innovation Awards Ceremony, held January 23, 2018.

“We are extremely pleased Calefactio’s innovative The ONE® expansion tank has received this award as it confirms our position as an industry leader. Always turned towards improvement, we aim to make our products more performant in every way, with no sacrifice to ease of use,” declared Jean Pichette, director of engineering at Calefactio and designer of The ONE®.

The ONE® is unique and exclusive to Calefactio. An expansion tank fitted with an air separator and a dirt separator, it combines three essential plumbing functions into one device, leading to major time, space and money savings while minimizing leakage risks.

  • Saves time ‒ Instead of purchasing and installing three different devices for these purposes, only the tank requires installation.
  • Saves money ‒ In addition to saving on material-related expenses, installing The ONE® expansion tank and its air separator and dirt separator is far quicker, thereby boosting productivity.
  • Minimizes leakage risks by 70% ‒ Given the tank is hooked up to the system by two NPT couplings, it only has two joints instead of seven, like most conventional set-ups presenting these features.

calefactio one

Ingenious Design

The ONE® is designed to be durable as well as easy to install and maintain. Its EPDM bladder protects the tank shell from coming into contact with heat-transfer fluids that can cause corrosion-related issues. The bladder is replaceable, and the tank is equipped with a drain valve for easy maintenance. Its wide diameter and large openings allow the high-efficiency air, solids and sludge separator to slow fluids as they pass through the system, while the coalescing media acts on a larger treatment surface, encouraging bubbles to cluster and sludge to agglomerate. The automatic vent is equipped with a float and an oversized chamber that protects the valve from coming into contact with heat-transfer fluids, and allows a greater volume of air to be evacuated.

The ONE® is available in Canada and the United States in 2.1 and 4.8 gallon models, both unique and exclusive to Calefactio. For sales locations, please consult our local agents list.


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