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Trimble’s Contractor WorkZone Now Offers a Free Subscription Level

trimble contractor workzone

As a business, we have one mission -- to provide small contractors with an affordable construction app that increases productivity, enabling businesses to become more profitable.

In today’s ever-growing construction industry, business owners are faced with tough decisions like how to pay for the most skilled labor and where to cut back on costs. With tight budgets and increasing construction costs, it can be hard to justify spending money on a project management app. We understand that contractors have many decisions to make in the day, so we’d like to make it easier.

For Contractor WorkZone, the goal is for construction contractors to increase their productivity all while putting more money back in their pocket faster. What makes that happen? Simply put, an affordable, yet valuable app that costs less than a cup of coffee, but helps you do what you do best.

To make this possible, Contractor WorkZone has recently released a new pricing structure that makes its construction management app more accessible and affordable to small contractors around the globe.

Why the price change?

Contractor WorkZone’s price change was inspired by a genuine interest and investment in the success of the construction industry. As a team, we realize how important it is for construction companies across the globe to cut back on costs while increasing productivity, and we want to make that possible for small contractors. Reality is, construction budgets are tight — but if an app doesn’t break the bank, everyone can benefit from it!

How has the pricing changed?

Users now have access to more features at a lower cost. With this new pricing structure, Contractor WorkZone offers a Solo Subscription Level which is available for free. This includes unlimited projects for an unlimited amount of time -- no trial needed.

In addition to the free subscription level, there are also paid subscriptions available, which allow companies to add more users with more features like Web Access, Accounting, Cloud Syncing and more. At these paid subscription levels, users can trial the app for two weeks prior to purchasing the full subscription, or they can downgrade to the Solo level.

trimble pricing

For small contractors, this is an exciting change! Through this price change, we as an organization continue to provide the same great app, the same great service and the same great experience -- at the right price for everyone!

If you’re a small construction contractor looking to increase productivity, download Contractor WorkZone for free in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store today!


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