U.S. Boiler Company Introduces New Aspen Firetube Boiler Line


The new Aspen and Aspen Light Commercial condensing boilers are part of U.S. Boiler Company’s recently updated high efficiency product line. The boilers feature a 10:1 turndown ratio, up to 96% AFUE, and low emissions.

With a stainless steel, vertical firetube heat exchanger, the Aspen line includes seven sizes between 85 and 399 MBH, with a 155 MBH combi available. All sizes can be wall- or floor-mounted. The Aspen (85-270 MBH) has top and bottom supply/return/gas connections for flexibility (non-combi models). The touch screen control on the Aspen Light Commercial (320 and 399 MBH) can be swapped with the boiler logo badge for optimal ergonomics in wall-mount installations. The Light Commercial models also come with both wall- and floor-mounting hardware pre-installed.

Each model in the new Aspen line is equipped with advanced Sage2.3 controls. Through the boiler control, addition of Sage Zone Controls is simple. This provides further energy savings, system optimization and short-cycle prevention. In the Light Commercial models, the Sage2.3 controls also make for simple lead/lag configuration in multiple-boiler applications.

At higher elevations, Aspen series boilers require zero or minimal de-rating, reducing the cost of oversizing the boiler. A 3-in-1 vent connection and split voltage junction box with fused connection boards add further versatility and ease of installation. Also, the dimpled firetube heat exchanger in the Aspen line provides lower pressure drop than water-tube heat exchangers of similar capacity.

Each boiler in the Aspen product line comes with an outdoor reset and sensor, and is covered by a five-year parts warranty. In all, U.S. Boiler now offers stainless steel, condensing models from 80 to 800 MBH, with multiple heat exchanger options and turndown ratios of 10:1 and 5:1.


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