Uponor Engineering Resources Promote Efficient, Sustainable Design

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With energy efficiency, decarbonization, and water conservation continuing to trend in commercial building design and construction, Uponor is responding with valuable resources and solutions that will help engineers design more efficient, sustainable buildings that can provide greater performance and longevity while also minimizing risk.

The first resource, Uponor Academy for Engineers, is an online webinar series that helps professionals build their knowledge base, collaborate with experts, and challenge traditional thought processes to effectively respond to issues impacting the building design and construction industry. Currently, the available on-demand webinar topics include:

  • Leveraging Radiant and Hydronics to Achieve Decarbonization Goals
  • Pursuing Decarbonization Goals: Design and Architectural Impacts of Radiant Systems
  • Introduction to the Integrated Design Process
  • In-unit Piping Methods and How They Impact Plumbing Systems
  • Integrating PEX into Plumbing Designs Using ASPE Best Practices
  • Exploring Opportunities with Decentralized Domestic Hot Water Systems

Additional engineering resources include a BIM/CAD library, submittals cart, specification downloads, and a pipe sizing calculator for plumbing, hydronic, radiant, and pipe heat loss calculations. Uponor also offers comprehensive Construction Services to partner with engineering professionals looking to maximize their designs.

Uponor also has a team of engineering business development managers across the U.S. and Canada to provide concentrated support for individual engineers or entire firms. In fact, Hailey Mick, an engineering business development manager for the U.S. Southwest region, recently presented a webinar on Coffee with Caleffi™ that focused on Decarbonization with Hydronic Systems. She is also presenting a session at the AHR Expo about how to leverage radiant and hydronics to achieve decarbonization goals.

“Uponor understands the design and construction industry is evolving to bring more efficient, sustainable practices to future buildings,” says Mick. “Providing our engineering partners with comprehensive resources that align with our products and system solutions for domestic water, hydronics, radiant, and more will help ensure better designs and higher-performing structures for decades to come.”


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