Uponor Focuses on Radiant and Hydronics to Help Achieve 2027 Sustainability Goals

uponor radiant

As part of its overarching sustainability efforts, Uponor is striving to offer sustainable alternatives for 50% of their product portfolio by 2027. The company’s ESG Framework (Environmental, Social, Governance) has launched a variety of products with significantly lower carbon footprint and is at the forefront of designing radiant heating and cooling systems that help customers achieve their decarbonization goals, while improving occupant comfort and reducing energy consumption. This is one of several initiatives in line with the company’s sustainability targets.

“Uponor has a longstanding commitment to sustainability, and our approach to helping our customers bring their decarbonization goals to life is just one example of that,” says Hailey Mick, engineering business development manager at Uponor. “The industry is expected to see a pivot in the way we are creating systems and a shift back towards radiant heating and cooling. Uponor is here to offer a streamlined solution to a very difficult problem with a solution that will be adaptable as new technologies emerge.”

Mick added that new and aggressive targets continue to roll out for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, presenting a greater urgency for decarbonizing buildings. In turn, she says, there is a renewed focus on radiant systems that can function at more moderate temperatures, reduce the environmental impact of buildings, and ultimately future-proof buildings.


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