Uponor Introduces New Commercial Radiant Stainless-Steel Manifold

Uponor is enhancing its radiant manifold offering with the introduction of the new Commercial Stainless-Steel Manifold that provides more than double the gallons per minute (gpm) of standard manifolds to meet the demanding applications of large commercial hydronic distribution, radiant heating and cooling, snow and ice melting, permafrost prevention (cold storage), and Radiant Rollout™ Mat systems.

Designed for stronger capabilities, greater accuracy, and better performance, the Commercial Stainless-Steel Manifold handles 48 gpm total flow with up to 4 gpm flow meters, 1½" distribution ball valves, and 1" loop isolation ball valves that reduce loop pressure drops without impact to pump head pressure for improved system performance.

The high-capacity manifold offering, which is available in loop configurations of 3-8, 10, and 12, improves installation productivity with quick, easy venting, purging, and filling to help save time on projects, and the preassembled system provides greater installation flexibility to eliminate design and fabrication requirements as well as special-order hassles that waste labor, time, and money.

“We understand installation efficiency, productivity, and performance are the cornerstone of quality product solutions,” says Aaron Stotko, director, Segment Marketing, at Uponor. “By providing customers with this newest manifold offering for commercial hydronic distribution and radiant systems, we are effectively meeting the needs of designers and installers looking to incorporate the sustainability and energy-efficient solution of hydronic heating and cooling into their projects.”


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