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Uponor North America to Host Five-Part Webinar Series

robert bean

Uponor North America is proud to host a five-part webinar series to help you better understand integrated design based on human factors. Following the series, you will be able to explain why conservation of energy and efficiency should not be the prime focus but rather a product of achieving the desired indoor environment. This webinar series is hosted by Robert Bean, founder of Indoor Climate Consultants Inc.

WHAT: Five-part integrated design webinar series

WHEN: Thursday, May 14, 12 p.m CDT; Thursday, May 21, 12 p.m CDT; Thursday, May 28, 12 p.m CDT; Thursday, June 4, 12 p.m CDT; Thursday, June 11, 12 p.m CDT.


All Engineers are invited to join a series of virtual discussions on integrated design, led by Robert Bean. This webinar series is PDH eligible; please make sure to fill out the survey following each webinar to receive your certificate.

The first webinar in the five-part series will cover an introduction to IEQ and the Built Environment. What every practitioner should know about the quality of indoor sound, thermal, air, light, odors, and vibration and its effect on productivity, learning and wellness?

The second webinar will discuss indoor air quality. The four key concerns in modern construction: moisture, radon, particulate and outgassing: prevention, correction, controlling and avoidance strategies.

The third webinar will focus on indoor thermal quality. The Fundamentals of Thermal Comfort: An Introduction to the Science.

The fourth webinar will focus on cover the fundamentals of thermal comfort. The Application of ASHRAE Standard 55 and Introduction to Online Compliance Tools.

The fifth webinar will discuss Architecture and Energy. The Role of Architecture, Enclosure and Interior Design for Enabling Low Exergy, High Performance HVAC Systems


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