US Patent 11,767,988 B1 Issued for Outdoor Circulator with Freeze Protection

Aquamotion Pumps

AquaMotion, a US manufacturer and innovation leader in Hot Water Recirculation products, plumbing and heating circulators, was awarded another Patent (No. 18) for this unique, first outdoor installed recirculation pump.

In the Southern Tier of the US, tankless heaters are installed on the outside of the home. This avoids the need for expensive air intake and exhaust systems and saves money. This pump was designed for use with outdoor installed tankless heaters that do not have a built-in circulator. Five kits are available. Two for dedicated return line, three kits for single pipe and ON DEMAND systems. The stainless union and flanged pumps can handle a total pipe length of 250 to 600 ft. The ON DEMAND kits include ODR by-pass valves and AMK-WB On-Demand controls.

Another application is for outdoor installed wood boilers. Regular pumps do not last because they are not designed for environment in which they are used.

The unique design protects the pump from wind, cold, heat and water. The outdoor enclosure is sealed to the pump and is lockable. It houses the wiring, the terminals, is vented, has drains and is insect protected. The ON/OFF temperatures are higher to compensate for the outdoor temperatures which can adversely affect the proper operation of the pump.

This pump has built-in freeze protection; if the temperature drops below 40° F, it turns on the pump to protect it from freezing. The kits are UL and NSF listed. US built in R.I.


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