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Bell & Gossett Handbook, Second Edition (1949)

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Published in 1949, the Bell & Gossett Handbook (Second Edition) is a manual about the design and installation of forced-hot-water space-heating systems and service water-heating systems from that time period. Here is an overview of what it covers:

Section I: Principles of Indirect Water Heating - This section includes descriptions and applications of various types of water heaters, complete with selection data and diagrams illustrating the best installation practices.

Section II: Principles of Forced Hot Water Heating - This section contains complete instructions for the proper designing and installation of Forced Hot Water Heating Systems, including Radiant Panel installations.

Section III: Heat Loss Determination - This section tells you how to calculate building heat loss. It also includes a complete set of Heat Transmission Tables.

Section IV: Electrical Controls - This section presents a simplified outline of Electrical Control methods. There are also numerous wiring diagrams for troubleshooting.

Section V: B&G Hydro-Flo Products - This section describes the B & G equipment required for Forced Hot Water Heating Systems and Service Water Heating. It includes many typical installation diagrams.

Section VI: Supplementary Data - This section includes tables of information that is frequently required and sometimes hard to find elsewhere.


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