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Take a stroll through HVAC history in our Heating Museum. This section of our website preserves history and answers that so-important question: What the heck is that thing? Whenever you run across anything unusual, chances are you’ll find the old literature about it right here.

Recent Articles in Heating Museum → Old Ads & Magazines

Building Technology Heritage Library

The Building Technology Heritage Library (BTHL) is primarily a collection of American and Canadian, pre-1964 architectural trade catalogs, house plan books and technical ...

Published on 02/24/2016 8:26 AM
Posted in Heating Museum
Gold's "Mattress" Radiator

Gold's Mattress Radiator was invented in 1854. It is in its final days here in this 1898 Heating and Ventilating magazine ad.

Published on 06/12/2014 10:55 AM
Posted in Heating Museum
Heating for Delicate Women

This advertisement appeared in McClure's in the early days of the 20th Century when central heating was still new. Check out the prices.

Published on 06/12/2014 10:53 AM
Posted in Heating Museum