Coffee with Caleffi: Air Vents and Air Separators


The ideal fluid in a hydronic heating or cooling system is a fluid without any impurities, air bubbles or dissolved gases. But how is that accomplished? Kevin Freidt, director of product management and technical support, will discuss the importance of air elimination and explain the differences in functionality between air vents and air separators in hydronic systems.

You'll learn:

  • How does air get into a hydronic system?
  • Why do we want to remove the air?
  • Where should I use an air vent as opposed to an air separator?
  • How does an automatic air vent work?
  • How does an air separator work?
  • Are some air separators more "efficient" than others?
  • Where should an air vent be located in the system piping?
  • How many vents do I need?
  • Where should an air separator be located?
  • Do I need to remove air in chilled water systems?

Freidt is the intellect behind sizing up the best product offerings in a moving target market and manages an exceptional technical support team. He has 30+ years’ of experience in the commercial HVAC industry and is a LEED AP. Our audience will thoroughly appreciate his academic passion and concise content delivery.


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