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Monitor Bi-Loop Hot Water Radiators

Monitor Bi-Loop Hot Water Radiators are partly filled with water which is heated by steam within the radiator, thereby eliminating the large volume of water to be circulated in the direct hot water system, and eliminating 95% of the air that is found in a steam or vapor radiator. They are constructed of cast iron, having the same heating surface as any standard make of radiator. The end section has a diaphragm which acts as a dividing line between the water and the steam. It also acts as a transmitting medium to circulate the water in the radiator. 

Monitor Bi-Loop Radiators will transmit approximately 200 B.T.U. per sq. ft. of surface.

monitor bi loop hot water radiator

Reference: 1922 ASHVE Guide

Courtesy of All Steamed Up, Inc.


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